Thursday, March 21

Breaking all the rules. Well some of them anyway.

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For those unaware, today is Thursday. Which for the past few weeks has meant it is the day I blog about healing foods. Sadly though this Thursday will not see that happen.

This Thursday sees me living it up in sunny Sydney for day two of the highly anticipated Digital Parents Conference, or for those playing along on Twitter #DPCON13. It is all kinds of awesome and a whole lot more. Right now my little brain is just buzzing with all that it has seen, heard and taken in.

Originally I had planned to have all my posts written and scheduled before I left. Though we all know what happens to my best laid plans...

Mind you after some of the sessions and information today I can't help but wonder if I should post at all. Apparently the latest trend in blogging (so I discovered today) is slow blogging. Where you don't have to post each and every day. Which for someone like me who has made an internal commitment to oneself to blog everyday is a little bit disheartening to hear. But oh well can't win them all I guess.

The whole why say something if you don't have anything to say concept does make a little bit of sense to me. But at the same time there is a nice challenge in being able to conjure up something when you thought you had nothing.

Thankfully more than one person has said that it is ok to break the rules as long as you know which rules you are breaking. Which I am totally down with. If there is rule to break then break it I will.

Fairy wishes & butterfly kisses


  1. I'm really looking forward to hearing all that you got from the conference, Rhi! x

    1. thanks Lisa, the posts are slowly starting to filter out now


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