Friday, March 1

Things I Know About Breast Cancer

Happy Friday beautiful people!

I know that earlier on this week I said I was stepping back from the whole linky party thing for a bit but I could no more miss sharing the things I know than I could blogging on a Tuesday.

So here I am.

Though there was another reason that compelled me to put fingertips to keyboard today. Funnily enough it was stupid* Karl Stefanovic on the Today Show when he was interviewing the rather lovely Samuel Johnson.

As you may or may not know the incredibly wonderful Samuel Johnson is riding his way around Australia.

On a unicycle no less.
Image via the Love Your Sister Instagram feed

Why is he doing that I hear you ask?

His sister Connie has terminal breast cancer and this is Samuel's way of raising awareness and vital funds for this terrible disease. According the Love Your Sister website it all started as a joke in the kitchen but turned into a promise.

I know that the Love Your Sister campaign is beyond awesome. If you haven't already head, over and check out where Samuel is. And if you have some spare cash, there is a donation page there as well.

I know that I am hoping to get the opportunity to talk the man himself. If you have any questions you would like me to ask then send them through.

I know that breast cancer affects far too many women. In 2008 there were 159,649 women alive in Australia, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer in the previous 27 years.

It is estimated that in 2013 14,940 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. That works out to approximately 40 women every day. That's right it is expected that every day this year 40 women will discover they have breast cancer. Crazy huh?

It is also estimated that this year 2700 will lose their battle with breast cancer. That is on average 7 women a day dying as a result of breast cancer.

On the upside though there are also a whole heap of statistics to show that the 5 year relative survival rate from breast cancer has increased significantly in recent years.

If you would like to read more about these check out here, which coincidently is where I got all the above info from.

I know that one of the main messages Connie and Samuel want to put out there is the importance of early detection. There is every possibility if Connie had been diagnosed earlier the story would be different.

Be breast aware peoples. Be. Breast. Aware.

Self check regularly. If you don't know how to self check make an appointment with your GP and get them to show you. While you are at the GP though get a pap smear as well. You can also check here for some more info on self examinations for breast lumps.

I know that all cancers are best fought with early detection. If you have a family history of cancer make sure you regularly check in and get tested for what you can.

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*Karl just in case you read this I actually think you are more annoying than stupid and this is based mostly on the fact of your job. I am against all morning show hosts. I find them all annoyingly stupid. I fail to see how anyone who gets up at the ridiculous times they do can be as chipper as what they are. All the time!