Monday, March 11

I must confess I acted like a baby, but did I mention I have fabulous hair?

I must confess with My Home TruthsOh me oh my have I got a doozey (? possibly not a word but in my head it sounds ok so I am going to run with it) of a post for you today.

Which is both good and bad I guess.

Good that my life can continue to give me rather interesting bloggy fodder. Bad in that I sometimes make a bit of an ass of myself in the process.

As a regular reader you would know that on the weekend Mr Awesome and I absconded from our parenting life and pretended that we were real people and when I say real people I actually mean people without the responsibilities of children. What makes them more real than parents I am not sure but there is certainly no dispute that it is a whole different kettle of fish.

Anyways, as I was saying the mister and I went out into the big city to celebrate a friends birthday. Last year, when I stood down from my sixth consecutive year on school council I was presented with a little voucher at the local casino complete with a food and beverage package. Talk about feeling the love. Sadly the voucher expires soon so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a real night of being child free.

Oh and boy did we make a night of it.

Dinner started to wind up by about ten thirty. Which for us oldies was well past our normal curfew and while we could have kicked up our heels a bit longer if the truth be told the idea of relaxing on a hotel balcony was just too good to pass up. So we hot tailed it back to our hotel room.

Sitting there, squashed up on the smallest balconies in the history of balconies, with just Mr Awesome and a drink of choice was beyond blissful. It was just the quiet wind down time that we both needed.

Perhaps someone should have
put one of these in our room
image from here

Now judge not, but we mutually agreed to have some quiet time with our phones. It is something neither of us get to do all that. Well at least not without a thousand interruptions and we all know how cruddy that is.

Sadly but not really surprisingly this is where things start to go horribly wrong.

So there I am on top of the world, feeling all la-ti-da with myself and how great both me, myself and all that I do are. As I swipe my finger down my newsfeed every blogger that I have subscribed to (or so it feels) is declaring their gratitude at being nominated for some top blogging list.

One that I could have easily nominated myself for but didn't.

I did last year. And every time that I got into a conversation with someone about it I seemed to be the only one that didn't get nominated by someone else. I didn't want to go through that again.

Last year I could justify no one knowing me well enough to nominate me, I very much kept my writing to myself back then. Over the last year though, especially the last few months I feel that I have put myself out there a whole lot more. I was sure someone somewhere would nominate me.

To be on the safe side I even casually mentioned to a fellow blogger how strange it was I hadn't received a nomination. Knowing full well she would then go and nominate me, which apparently she did, but the powers that be have for some reason kept my nomination email away.

Turns out after a few drinks I should stay away from things like status updates

Not one, but two dodgy less than adult like status updates regarding my bitterness.
The second, which I scheduled for 3 o'clock in the morning because as much as I wanted to put it out there
I realised how terrible it made me look and didn't really want many to see it.
Turns out my readers seem to be around at such a time.

Now thankfully these are not as bad as they could be, but they are still not exactly my finest moments either. Especially as I have since found out there are a whole range of more worthy than I who have also somehow been overlooked. The worst part is that I know that I am not even really in the running if I were nominated. And I am fine with that.

As awesome as I am there is still so much more I could and possibly should be doing that right now I just don't plain deserve to be offended about not getting a nomination.

So there you have I confess to acting like a big baby in a drunken stupor. 

I would also like to add that I really do have fabulous hair as well.

If you have something you need to get off your chest, head to  My Home Truths and join on in.

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  1. I have often fallen victim to drunken texting/facebook status updates - and then worst part is scrambling to remove the next day when you realise you sound like a muppet! LOVE you to bits and glad you are nominated, you deserve it :) And yes your hair ROCKS x

    1. Well even though someone told me they nominated me I never received the email notification of it. On the upside I have received a nomination for the Aussie top blogs or something similar so a win there :) Thanks for loving me drunk updates and all

  2. First off - you do have amazing hair! Go you at DPCON13!

    Second, I can understand how you felt with the whole nomination thing. I saw all the updates too and it did seem that everyone was nominated. I caved and nominated myself for one of these things last year and then hated myself for having to whore myself out to get votes so I've vowed not to nominate myself in these things anymore. It's not like I'd ever win one of these anyway...

    Third, congrats on a well-deserved night out with Mr Awesome - sounds like just what you needed Rhi. Thanks again for being a part of I Must Confess - I love your confessions each week!

    1. yes I am no good at the whole whoring myself out either. I thought I was all down with not being nominated as well but it appears as if I am more competitive than I realised. Thanks for hosting

  3. I saw your FB update and I thought it was quite humourous, so I wouldn't worry about it. I didn't get nominated either, I nominated a few other people, including Kirsty, and it never even occurred to me to nominate myself. I'm not really competitive I guess.

    Glad you had great night out anyway, and your hair really is fabulous! x

    1. Thanks, I am so in love with the hair.

      Yay for nominating Kirsty. I nominated someone as well and I do get that there are so many great bloggers out there that it only stands to reason that some get overlooked, I guess it just hurt to be in that overlooked category. Only momentarily though because when I stop and think about the whole input v results I am am right where I deserve to be.

  4. I did see all the updates (as well as yours) about the nominations...I didn't get nominated either and felt a little sad too. But then other events and things have happened which have made me look at the bigger picture. Blogging is such a two sided coin (you love it but it requires so much output &energy) Glad you got date night but next time stay away from the FB! Look forward to meeting you at DPCON..

    1. Looking forward to meeting you as well. And yes you are right it is always important to keep the bigger picture in mind. Sorry to hear that you missed out as well. Maybe next year hey?

  5. Well, I think it is awesome that you can admit all that! It is hard to be left out sometimes. I also chose not to nominate myself this year but some lovely reader shocked me by doing it on my behalf. At the end of the day, these things come and go. The people who love to read your blog will continue to read it and so long as you enjoy writing for it, then that's all that matters.


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