Saturday, March 16

A two for one special kind of week

I Love Your BlogI am really disappointed that I didn't manage to get an I love your blog post out last Saturday. With all the fun making a pig in mud cake and excitement of our night out to celebrate the turning awesome of Essentially Jess followed by a night alone in a hotel room with Mr Awesome, I just never got around to it.

Which I gotta say, did actually make me a little sad because the whole blog loving sharing thing really is the most wonderful feeling. Especially after my poor baby like behaviour as well. It's not like I don't know how it feels to not get acknowledge for I assume is just pure awesomeness.

But I digress.

And I am sure it won't be too much longer till I can bring myself to congratulate all those who received their very deserving nominations in that stupid competition that left me feeling rejected and unloved. I still can't believe how much it stings. Especially since I didn't expect to even make it past the nomination stage. I just thought I would get nominated. Again though I digress.

So in light of my absence last week I thought I would share with you the post that I loved most then. It was written by the ever lovely Robyn over at

She may not write all that often, but when she does, boy is it worth the read and The Fly is no exception. It was the most powerful writing I read that week. In fact it was quite possible some of the most powerful words I have read for quite some time.

What ever you do go and read it

So that was last week. What caught my eye this week? A lot, though as I was in a man flu induced coma when I did most of my blog reading at the start of the week, I am having trouble recalling them now.

One that does jump to my mind is from the queen of all things bogan,

Originally it was her confessional post at the start of the week that saw Ness, earn my bloggy love this week. However when I was just there to steal her header image this post confirmed to me that I had made the right decision. Long live the eighties!

If there is a post or a blog that caught your eye this week you should head over to Mum Talks Autism and join in the blog loving sharing fun.
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