Sunday, March 3

More on the whole #fwbk thing

As it stands I have already written two blog posts today, so no doubt this will be scheduled for some time in the future, you know like tomorrow. All this writing comes at the end of a week that saw me getting something out every day. Which always makes me happy. And really it only makes sense to do things that makes one happy.

There are a whole range of reasons as to why posting regularly makes me happy. One of the biggest is that it generally means my hits will increase at slightly greater knots than what it other wise would. Call it egotistical or whatever you will but I really really like knowing that people are reading me and I like it even more when I know those numbers of people are steadily growing.

Having said that though there are many a ramble, much like this one, that perhaps are not quite worth publishing. After all it is quite feasible to think that people have better things to do that read the inner monologue of my being. Regardless of how entertaining that may or may not be.

Still write I must.

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Yesterday I wrote of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses. In fact I even went so far as to slyly slip a hash tag into the heading. I want #fwbk to become a caring love sharing kind of movement that slowly seeps through the world at large. 

Eternal optimist that I am.

For a long time I have felt a fairy presence in my life. Recently I have felt it grow stronger and it is something that I want to nurture, encourage and grow. All in good time though. It is almost like it is a lesson in patience at the same time. Something that I desperately need.

Every where I go I see messages and signs. Little dots that slowly seem to be connecting things that I never imagined could be connected. It is not always easy to just sit and watch it all unfold, but that is what I must do. 

At least for now while I still work out what it is I need to do.

I can't help but notice how the colours on the image that I used on the fwbk post came so close to matching my new look. All purely coincidental I assure. Much like why I went looking for that old post on today of all days. 

Exactly four years after I first wrote it. 
Bizzaro or what?

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  1. I think the hash tag #FWBK is such a good idea! It is your unique signature and such a beautiful one filled with magic and hope!

  2. Thanks lovely. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you

  3. I agree with Rita 100%

    It always makes me smile when I read "Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses". It's warming :)

    MC xx

  4. What a beautiful thing to say Miss C, thank you, that warmed my heart. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses for a wonderful week ahead


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