Sunday, March 10

It is stupid o'clock Sunday morning and someone hid my modem

Being the doting wife and mother that I am, when the children started fussing in bed, refusing to sleep due to some misconception that it was wake up time, I begrudgingly pulled my head (complete with fabulous new hair), off my not as comfy as I would like pillow. This resulted in the rest of my quite happy to lay down for a bit longer body, being dragged from my incredibly comfortable in every possible way bed. 

Oh how I love my bed
What I would like to be doing.
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The difference between yesterday morning and now is beyond amazing. Ridiculously amazing.

Yesterday morning saw me peeling my weary eyelids open well after stupid o'clock had passed. In fact it was more like I can't believe it is really this late. Yes that's right peoples yesterday I got woken up at 8.30. And it wasn't by children. Instead it was the mother of the lovely little boy that has been hanging with us during the week. She just wanted to let me know that he had been taken down by the gastro bug and hoped the girls didn't get it.

I wanted to type back the girls are at Nan's so no skin off my nose, well at least till three that afternoon. Only I instantly felt bad and remembered how mum didn't cope well with vomit and would have no qualms about calling me and cancelling the rest of our little getaway.

Mr Awesome and I had absconded to a hotel near the city. Actually it was the local Casino hotel. Which sounds kinda flash I know, and it is 5 star, but there is also some kind of country bumpkin not really as 5 star, feel about it in some places. I am sure the fact that I didn't get the deluxe spa room that my voucher stated had nothing to do with my disappointment, but that is all a post of it's own, for now all that really matters is that Mr A and I had a night, morning and afternoon off.

It was pretty darn exciting.

For the night part we went to dinner and helped a beautiful lady celebrate turning thirty. We returned to our hotel, where we sat on the balcony over looking the new flash rooms that we weren't staying in and had a few drinks. It was quite blissful really. Despite the bitterness I fought to ignore as I scrolled my Facebook feed and saw blogger after blogger give thanks to being nominated in some competition. But again that is a whole other post as well.

The view was stunning. We were on the top floor and while the balcony was barely bigger than the table and chairs it held we didn't mind. We didn't need a reason to be sitting in each other's laps. Three children means we rarely find ourselves alone for any extended amount of time. Having a leave pass for eighteen hours meant we would barely be out of arm's length from each other during that time.

Despite having a late checkout I didn't want to spend all morning sleeping. I had been hoping that I could wake at around nine, write for an hour, have coffee and then be ready for our lunch booking at twelve. When we climbed into bed at around one thinking that we had nailed the not drinking excessively thing. Only when I woke to the text message I discovered that perhaps we may have been mistaken.

I am not saying I had to pop to panadol but I am pretty glad I did. The whole just being able to roll over and go back to sleep was just too good to pass up. Sleep has been a little elusive of late so being able to sleep in late on a Saturday morning really felt quite luxurious.

Especially right now.

Shortly before six o'clock two little bodies decided that they needed to be up close and snuggled in to their mum. Which would have been fine if all then just went to sleep. Which of course they don't.

"It's morning time mumma" says the littlest one.

"Why yes it is" I moan as try to coordinate getting out of bed without actually opening my eyes. Fun times I tell you.

Looking for the positives I think of all the lovely writing time this early morning rise will give me. Until I get down stairs and discover that Mr Awesome is currently not so awesome as he has hidden the modem. 
We have an 11 year old that would rather surf the net than sleep so sometimes there is no other option. Hiding spots are never the same in this house either

It is a moment or two till I realise that I can write without the internet. I just can't publish. 

Sigh can't win them all and with any luck the day can only improve.

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