Friday, August 26

Things I know - Nothing like leaving it to the last minute

After a week of nearly not posting at all, I am ending the week with a vengeance and this is I think my third post in less than 24 hours.  Only I couldn't miss Things I Know, anymore than I could have missed Thankful Thursday yesterday

So I guess the first thing I know this week is that I am ridiculously addicted to WW, TT and TIK.  Mainly because I know they are pretty much guaranteed to be read and commented on which I just LOVE!  So big thanks to all those who stop on by.

The next thing I know this week is that 7.30 in the morning really isn't the best time for me to just drop everything to write a blog post but life is all about priorities isn't it?  Now some might say if it were that important to me I would already have it written and ready to go, so all I had to do was just link up as soon as the host went live but I say where is the fun in that?  I also say come walk a mile in my unorganised shoes and you will quickly see that kind of planning is just not possible.

I know that I am in dire need of some time management skills.  Either that or I need to seriously consider disabling stupid games on Facebook.  Or perhaps a bit of both.

I know that the little cherub I am holding in my arms as I type has the most infectious smile I have ever seen.

I know I will be glad when today is over as it will also mean the week has come to an end.  Leaving only one week till the big day.  I know that I will be more than glad when the big day has been and gone.  I also know that I should perhaps write a post all about the big day so that I could put a link in here for those who are not up to speed with what is going on over here at the moment.

I know that even though I shed tears at the start of the week because I left something till the last minute I will still probably continue to leave things till the last minute.

I know there is always so much I want to get done and so little of it actually gets done.  I know that this is sort of balanced out the fact there is also much I don't want to do that does get done.

FInally I know I should probably leave it here for today as it is now close to leaving time and breakfast is still to be had.

So what do you know?  Head over to

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