Monday, April 11

Good times

So today has been rather exciting for me.  Though the excitement is probably oIy something that other newbie bloggers would understand.  As I have already mentioned today saw me accepted into Top Mommy Blogs Directory.  Hopefully that will help more readers come across me.  So far I have already jumped by about 300 places.  I started this morning at 699 and am currently sitting at 318 so a huge thanks to all that have voted.  Remember you can vote once every 24 hours.

Adding to my excitement I am slowly making ground in working out some formatting and technology issues.  I have just managed to create a blog button for the site.

blog button

Granted not the most advanced button but for now it will do the job.  I still want to find out how to create a link so that I can share the button on other pages but at least for now this can be used as a banner at TMB

I think I may also have managed to change the date and time stamp for my posting.  I find it incredibly annoying that posts are stamped some 14 hours behind when I actually wrote them.  Another pleasing achievement for me today was putting a voting banner on all my future posts (yay me!)

Well for now that it all.  I should be doing dinner and a whole heap of mummy type things.....

If you haven't already today don't forget to stop by and vote :)

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