Monday, March 7

About Me

In a recent online conversation I suddenly realised that more often than not I will neglect to introduce myself. I much prefer to be an observer rather than a participant. Well at least in the first instance. There generally comes a time when I can no longer just sit in the corner and quietly watch what is unfolding before me. Then one of two things can happen. I either run away screaming or I dive in head first.

So on that note here is me taking a dive. Here are 8 things all about me

  1. I am a SAHM mum to three beautiful girls, 10, 5 and 1, well that will be how old they turn this year, two of which happen next month. I love being a mother more than anything. Never in my wildest dreams did I actually think that my calling in life was to mother but now that I know it is I feel like a certain peace surrounds me.

  2. There has been times in my life when I have actually been involved in formal paid employment, though I hope to never have to return to those days again. Aside from being the best mother I possibly can I also hope to one day be an acclaimed author. I am not really sure on the book's details yet but I know some where deep inside of me there is a best seller of some description inside of me it is just a matter of uncovering it.

  3. I am also an Infant Massage Instructor. Though to tell you the truth I have never really instructed very many people. The hermit in me has made it difficult to put myself out there. I am rather passionate about the power of love and touch though.

  4. I have at times been called a hippy and I have one friend that refers to me as an Earth Mother. I believe in angels, fairies, and all things magical. I will let the powers that be take over at times and trust the universe to take care of certain things at various times. I am not a huge fan of mainstream and like to take the alternative (what ever that may be).

  5. I love the idea of homeschooling but lack the self discipline to actually carry it out. Plus teachers are a qualified trade as such and who am I to take that job away from the employment lines. I think that the education is flawed but show me something that is not. I am fairly involved in my children's school and find it hard to understand how other parents appear to not value education.

  6. When I form an opinion it is held pretty fast and you can be hard pressed to get me to change it. I will always listen to another's opinion but often adopted an each to their own type of attitude. I worry a lot about offending people. I know that there are few who think the same as me and past experience has shown me that not everyone has the same each to their own approach. I tend to steer away from the it's my way or the highway kind of people.

  7. I have a tendency at times to go on and on and on, both in person and when writing. I have at times been talking, thinking I was telling the best story in the world only to suddenly realise the person I am telling has tuned out. At least when being read it is easier for people to pick and choose what they want to be a part of without it being so obvious to me.

  8. I just love love love Kenny Rogers and Johnny Cash. And Meatloaf. I wish that my taste in music was hereditary so we could all enjoy the same stuff. My children are much more in tune with my husband's song choice than mine.