Tuesday, December 3

Where the heck is 1992?

Yesterday while writing my first kiss post I had the overwhelming desire to rummage through boxes of storage and drag out my old diaries from days gone by. Though specifically the one pertaining to the events in 1992. As much as I feared entering the room due to the mountainous washing ranges I just had to see how I had described the kiss at that time.

With great fear and trepidation I boldly decided to go where clearly I had not been for quite some time. Over the mountain ranges of washing and into the top of the wardrobe where all my most prized possessions of memories are carefully tucked away.

Only as I started to go through the artefacts of days gone by I quickly realised that the book I so desired was no where to be seen. Which left me less than impressed I can tell you.

The year 1992 was memorable for oh so many things other than just my first kiss. There was also disco dancing and muscly swimming billets that came to stay for a week and somehow swept me of my feet. There was also heart ache and pain and some constant nagging from my mum. All of which I remember writing at the time and thinking one day I will need this.

Well hello, apparently that day is now and the blasted book is no where to be found!

It is nothing flash, just a standard exercise book of the era. Dark blue in colour, with a splash of pink on it somewhere I think. It really is all that is inside that matters. You see as much as I may have started it in 1992 I know there are entries from years much later in life as well. Years I may not be quite ready for everyone in the house to read just yet.

I know it must be here somewhere.

The hoarder that I am makes it almost impossible for me to part with anything, especially when it comes to words I have written. Given the importance of some of the events in life which have been documented in this exercise book come diary of a life time, I am guessing I must have already dragged it out to reminisce and in my ever so absent minded way just not put it back where it belongs.

Clearly this is part of the undeniable gold section
Love hearts from Miss 12 when she was 4
Bob was my dad.
What is really beautiful about this though is that it was
done one year and one day before she became a big sister
All is not lost though. (And rarely ever is)

I may not have found the wonders of 1992 and beyond but I did uncover some beauties from 2005.

For the most part this once rather nice leather bound, but now a bit mouldy corporate sponsored diary is awash with empty pages. There are however a few pages filled with the chicken scrawl that was my writing at the time. Some are utter crap while other bits are undeniable gold.

Flicking through it I was hit hard with the sense of some things never change. A thought that has actually been running around inside me for a while lately. Looking through this just made it feel a little lot stronger.

Aside from the cute drawings from a then Miss Four (now Miss 12) there were also lots of motivational quotes. Well I am guessing there were meant to be motivational quotes.

Sometimes the curve of the ball life throws you is very steep. 

It is always important to remember that everyone has their own 'best' and together that's what makes a team

Remember it is always important to love and smile

I particularly liked the page that had a list of weekend goals that went a little something like this

  1. Have a clean house
  2. Washing
  3. Kitchen
  4. Lounge Room
  5. Outside
  6. Bedroom
  7. Bathroom
  8. Exercise
There is then a line put through the entire list with the words CYCLONE - TRY AGAIN NEXT WEEK

Followed by countless blank pages until Pay Day arrives. I really am all kinds of awesome.

Do you still have old diaries? 
Are they as riveting as mine?

Joining in the fun and laughter of #IBOT with Essentially Jess. Also don't forget to pop back to A Parenting Life on Thursday for a bit of thankfulness.

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  1. I too have an old diary or two from my youth. I also like to - now and then - gaze at my daughter's 'artistic' scribblings from preschool and infants school...but it fills me with a certain poignancy because she's now a teenager, and where did that decade go?! :)

  2. I have my teenage diaries and can't bare to throw them out. I sometimes find myself reading them and getting totally transported back to the 'good old days'.

  3. I recently read my year 11 and year 12 diaries and found myself cringing at my melodrama oh it was horrible lol

  4. I have a box of old diaries, tucked away. I know they are there. Do not have the soul or the energy to pull them out - just yet. I know it will happen and when it does, I have no idea what I will find! Can you imagine the potential blog content in them!!

  5. I have old diaries from when I was at high school. That was the only time I kept diaries. They are intriguing to read through. I had a friend at school who was an amazing artist and her drawings are all through it. She grew up to become a REAL artist. I was always 'in love' with some boy and the boy's name of the moment is scrawled throughout with love hearts. I was such a dreamer. I hope you find your diary from 1992. In November 1992 I gave birth to my twin boys. I was 28. Min xo

  6. I have a box full of diaries in my wardrobe. I have flicked through them occasionally but at the moment they are just a little too raw. I do enjoy looking at my random thoughts journal though and have often thought about starting one again. It was done with felt pens and was full of colour, even if the words were dark.

  7. Oh I cringe when I read my old journals! I was so melodramatic and self-righteous and I thought I was so wise! Lately I've been brave enough to share a little of them on my blog even, Miss 10 thinks they are hilarious...

  8. I just found some old school books and diaries (but that is another story ;) ) and WOW I wrote some pretty cool shit at 10 years old - before life, heart break and realism broke me :( But thanks for the reminder Rhi, I must get back on that horse! xxx

  9. I think I may have burnt most of my Diaries, how shameful is that!! Pieces of history gone up in smoke. Again you made me laugh, cyclone try again, could not get a much better excuse than a cyclone.

  10. Ha ha! I remember that cyclone! Our cat stayed outside and got knocked up by the neighbours, and that's where our current cat came from :)

  11. Yes, I have kept my old diaries! I love going back and reading them. It makes me smile to read my thoughts of the time.

  12. I have an old school diary full of anger and hatred and teen angst! And sayings/phrases I thought were so deep at the time! One day I'll get it out, maybe when my teen daughter is screaming at me, and it might give me some comfort! It's the only time in my life except one that I actually kept a diary for an extended period, and I think looking back that it really helped me survive those years.

  13. I do have all my old diaries too. They go back to primary school believe it or not, though there is just one small notebook from year 6. I did drag some out from the early or mid nineties recently to look something up too, and was terribly annoyed with my former self to find I had hardly documented the relevant event at all! Hate to think what my sixty year old self will think of me now, when my journal writing has become very scrappy indeed...


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