Monday, December 2

My First Kiss

There is a mountain of washing patiently waiting to be folded. In fact there are multiple mountains of washing scattered around the house that are all patiently waiting to be attended in one way or another. Not that any of this is a startling revelation or at any way related to my first kiss but it does offer some explanation as to why I am here.

Rather than tackle said mountains of washing I decided to treat myself with a few moments of screen time. I had after all been rather busy all morning. You know doing the dishes, feeding the masses, school drop off, doctor's appointments and a spot of shopping. It is a hard life that I lead. I deserved a bit of 'me' time after all that. 

Anyway since one of the quickest and easiest ways to get 'me' time is via social media that is straight to where I head, which lead me to Kerri, which in turn brought me to share with you the joy that was my first kiss.

Like most who have already shared their story, I can remember it as if it were only yesterday. As opposed to the 21 years it actually is. Which just quietly made me gasp a little because that sounds like such a long time ago. Probably because it is and all but whatever.

So there I was, a fourteen year old catholic school girl. Not that I was catholic but I did go to a catholic school, why that is revolves around school uniforms, my mother and a post of its own. Back to my first kiss for now. 

It was the middle of May. Well it was sometime in May, I could go and check the exact date as I know I wrote about it at the time. I did contemplate digging up my 1992 diary but that would involve entering my bedroom which is where the largest mountain of washing is waiting. I worried that I may feel obligated to tackle some the washing meaning this post may not get written because school pick up time is also fast approaching and well clearly that just wouldn't do. I just know the world at large is dying to here more of this juicy tale...

picture thanks to here
It's meant to be an Italian Stallion, much like my first kiss was
My love, at the time, was a year nine boy. Very much a tall dark and handsome Italian Stallion. I may or may not have actually referred to him like that at the time as well. We had being going out for a few weeks when the kiss took place. Which meant it was pretty serious stuff. And by going out I mean sitting holding hands on the bus ride home from school. There was also the occasional conversation at recess and lunch. Not too much though  as we both still needed some time with our respective friends.

As there was no Facebook, in fact we barely even had computers in our school at this point, we spent a lot of time writing letters. Well notes really, but anyway. One day he got his friend to give me a note that asked him to meet him on "the stairs". Why he got his friend to give it to me I do not know, it was just the way carrier mail amongst shy and coy teens worked backed then.

My heart it was a flutter. "The stairs" was a place that only couples seemed to spend time. While I had been a couple on numerous occasions over my year and a bit in high school this was the first to see me venture to such heights. 

Nervously I headed on over. Trying to not smile too much, in case I gave away my secret rendezvous,  though really I am sure I was beaming from ear to ear. By now little heart was pounding. I could see the top of his head peeping over the edge of the concrete structure. My heart it raced even faster.

Breathing deep and walking slow I approached my gorgeous beau. He greeted me with a smile and we stood standing as close as we both could dare. Quietly asking how each other was and how there day had been. There were little sparks of electricity zipping and zapping between us both. Our fingers gently intertwining amongst sparks. His giant hand engulfing mine.

He towered above me, even when we stood on different steps I was still no where near his height. It was one of the things I lusted over most. His enormousness. He was big and tough and super strong. At least to my eyes, which at the end of the day was all that really mattered. Yet when he bent down and placed his lips upon mine he was softer than a baby's bottom. 

Being the most inexperienced person on the planet I had no idea that his tongue would want to make it's way into MY mouth let alone the fact I was supposed to make mine do some exploration of it's own. My poor little think too much brain had well and truly kicked passed overdrive at this point and was unable to take it all in. Because if things weren't dire enough his hand, which had somehow found their way to my waist were now heading towards my bottom.

Oh the horror! Yep it was that time of the month and back then there were few sanitary options that didn't resemble a surf board. Of course my mother knew only of the biggest surf board type of pad and suddenly my highly anticipated first kiss with my Italian Stallion had turned into a nightmare as I spent the dying moments of the embraced panicked stricken he would discover a lumpy pad and be totally repulsed. Oh the joys of a teen girls mind.

Suddenly aware that I was reeling with terror my suitor removed his tongue from the inner crevices of my mouth and and took a step back. Before we had a chance to discuss the matter further we were invaded by some fellow students. At which point I fled for the sanctuary of the girls toilets. On account of not knowing what else to do.

With hindsight and some more experience I can't help but wonder if perhaps this was his first go at a pash as well. Or perhaps he was just taking the whole 'suck face' concept a little too literally? As I reached the toilets I suddenly became aware that my entire lower face felt as if it was covered with slobber.

Not surprisingly we stopped being boyfriend and girlfriend not too long after this little incident. We did not however stop being great friends. So much so that three years later when I made my debut (as you did back in those days) he was my partner. And what a striking couple we were (even if I do say so myself). Even to this day we still bump into one another around town and have chat. In fact as I think about it now, I couldn't have picked a better first kiss kisser.
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  1. OH! That is a lovely story. With a dose of, er, ick. Can totally relate to all of it. Especially the slobber x

    1. yes slobber does seem to go hand in hand with the first kiss

  2. Love it! The mind of the teenage girl, you've nailed it. Oh the surf board pads! I remember them too well ;)

    1. oh yes the surf boards were hard to forget.

  3. Ha ha ha!! Oh that's just priceless! I remember that feeling of panic from my first kiss as well, but not for the same reason. More that I just wasn't doing it right!

    1. I did worry about not doing right as well, once I got over the omg is this really happening

  4. Fleeing into the girls' toilets sounds a good option for your 14 yo old self...that mixture of bliss and fear (and blind panic) is all too true with first kisses! It's rather nice that you remained friends :)

  5. He He you made me laugh out loud, oh the cringe factor of the first kiss, his slobber and you're lumpy surfboard pad. Love it

  6. OH the horror! Stolen moments on the stairs, ruined by the harsh realities of bodily fluids. Thank goodness for the old toilet escape route. Too cute.

  7. Oh those sanity towel surf boards were the worst! Cute story though and lovely that you still see him around! xx

  8. Hahaha @ surf boards. I remember likening them to a loaf of bread once!
    How nice that you still see him around :o)x


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