Thursday, December 5

Thankful for Opportunities

As I typed today's title into the title box I couldn't help but think how really being thankful for opportunities is kinda a no brainer. Who wouldn't be thankful for an opportunity when it is presented to them?
I was thankful we were able to witness such a beautiful sunset
Only what if you don't realise exactly that there is an opportunity before you? How can you be thankful then?

So perhaps today what I am really most thankful for is noticing that there was an opportunity before me and actually trying to make the most of it?

While it is probably something that I have known for a while, during the last week it has dawned on me that perhaps I let to many opportunities slip through my fingers. Which is not exactly very cool.

How did I come about this startling (or not) revelation I hear you ask?

Well by actually managing to do something when an opportunity was presented. The fact that it was being presented for the third time is totally irrelevant though.

So what am I talking about?

It is a Dear Me letter that I wrote to my breastfeeding self just before Zany was born. Ages ago I received an email from an Online Breastfeeding Cafe asking if I would like to be involved. Which of course I would have liked very much, had this little thing called life not distracted me. Thankfully though they were super eager and asked a few more times which eventually enabled me to get my act together and post written.

The fact that I was able to now be included amongst some of my most favourite bloggy crushes may also have had a lot to do with my sudden call to action and realisation that opportunity so often presents but you must be looking. You see other bloggers that have written one of these Dear Me letters include, Glow, Picklebums Kate, Shae and Mumabytes. To be in such great company is something I am super thankful for.

I am also thankful that these women are happy to share their stories in the hope that someone else may just benefit from it. Women need to remember that this sharing of our stories, good, bad and indifferent is imperative for survival and sanity. By sharing we are reminded we are not alone.

Other opportunities I am thankful for this week include
  • child free coffee with a friend
  • watching Zany perform in the end of school year dance
  • lots of blogging time
  • attending Lovely's school fiesta
  • grabbing some bargains from Spotlight
  • making some hair clips for the school Christmas craft stall
  • snuggling up to Mr Awesome in the comfort of the air conditioning
  • putting the Christmas tree and decorations up
What about you? What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. So very true sharing our stories allows other to feel normal, and what a great honest story you shared. I am also struggling with that idea that no two babies are the same I really was convinced they would be and found it hard to get my head around that. What a fab sunset. Thank you for hosting Rhianna

  2. Sometimes I think it's being present I am thankful for - because that's when I see the opportunities . Grateful this week that I've made some changes, and taken the time to journal and nurture my heart xx

  3. Wow - what an awesome opportunity! I have to say that I'm a little jealous ;) Putting up the Christmas tree always makes me feel extremely blessed for my family :)

  4. I'm late but I'm thankful for my husband, his calm self, he love and his patience. He is beyond amazing and I'd be so lost without him xx


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