Tuesday, December 24

The carols are a rockin' and I'm a bloggin'

Yes I am well aware of the fact that it is Christmas Eve and that the rest of the world is busy running around like a headless chook with no time to read idle blog posts but it is Tuesday and I really do like to blog so here I am. And yes I know that Essentially Jess said we shouldn't blog on Christmas Eve but there is so much I should be doing blogging seems to make the most sense right now.

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Ideally the computer shouldn't even be on, but for a whole range of reasons it is. Everywhere I turn on social media I find people turning off and saying goodbye for a few days. Given some mediums are lucky to see me every few days at the best of times I haven't really worried about any down time. Which I guess is probably why the computer is on and I am here.

There are other reasons though. Like the fact that the computer is the only music playing device that can play Christmas carols. Given that it is Christmas Eve (and I love carols) I feel kind of compelled to listen to have a few belting out. We have even managed to find a few rather modern renditions with quite the techno beat behind them so it is not as painful on the ears as one might expect carols to be. 

The other reason that brought me to the computer is a bit secret squirrel for a friends birthday next week. Something I was meant to have done weeks ago MUST get done today. It just must, else I will be sent to the bad friend list forever and a day.

So the carols are a rocking' and I am a blogging, trying not to get overwhelmed by the three hundred and seventy five million things that still need to be done. Some within the hour as by then it will be time to collect my beautiful sister and nephew from the airport. So much excitement about being able to have them spend the big day with us.

I guess on that note I should go and get on with all that needs to be done. Or at least some of it. There will always be plenty of time later to share the many wonders inside my head at the moment.

For now I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, filled with lots of love and laughter and plenty of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses
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