Thursday, December 19

Thankful for all the machines

Thankful Thursday with A Parenting Life Earlier in the week when I was busily trawling the net as opposed to tackling Mount Washmore or the leaning tower of dishes I happened upon a post by Zoey about her creative process. It got me wondering what is my creative process? 

In fact I wondered if I even have a creative process?

I am pretty sure I don't really. I just sit down in front of my beautiful big iMac screen and hope for the  words to flow faster than a river down a mountain. Some times they do, some times they don't. 

There are however certain things that need to be done before I can write. Surprisingly enough most of those things involve the completion of household tasks. At least some of them anyway. Sure there are days where I come here and there is washing all over the place and dirty dishes desperately waiting for a wash, not to mention the floors and their dire need for sweep, but rarely on those days do I manage to write something outstanding. Mainly because I spend half the time worrying about all the other things I am not doing rather than writing.

However on the days where I push myself to get the jobs done before I sit down to write, the writing seems to come so much easier. I am thankful that today is one of those days. Of course that is why this post is more than slightly delayed but you can't always win them all. 

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As I was scurrying about the kitchen this morning, moving clean dishes from the dishwasher to the cupboard and then the dirty dishes from all over the place to the dishwasher I realised just how thankful I was for the blasted machine. 

I say blasted because this time last year when Mr A was pleading with me to allow one into the house, I was adamantly against it. Always had been. Such a good case was put forward by both the children and Mr A I was eventually worn down though and gave in. I may also have been stuck for a Christmas present for my beloved.

Since having it though I have slightly fallen in love with the lovely shiny machine that saves me from submersing my delicate hands in dishwater. I am not sure what it is but there is something much more appealing about stacking a dishwasher than you know actually doing the dishes.

Anyway so there I was this morning swooning about how much I loved this machine that washed my dishes for me when I realised there are actually quite a few machines I am thankful to be the proud owner of. Like the washing machine. Seriously not everyone has a working washing machine. I am so thankful that I do. 

And well, don't even get me started on how wonderful the dryer is. Especially on rainy days that last for a week. But then there is also the coffee machine, the vacuum cleaner, the air conditioner, the television, the fridge, deep freezer and, well you get my drift by now I am sure. There are so many machines that in someway enhance my life. All of which I really am incredibly thankful to be the owner of.

On the days when getting the jobs out the way with happy heart is easier said than done I think of all the machines that are there to help me. I think of all the women before me (and some even at this time) that don't have the machines that I do and suddenly it all seems just a little bit easier than before.

Other random thanks this weeks goes to 
  • all seven, yes that is right, seven lovelies who joined in last week. That really just made me all sorts of special
  • the school holidays arriving and giving us all lots of down time
  • Lovely having a safe plane trip
  • the other two coping much better than expected with Lovely's departure and absence
  • getting to hang with my brother for an hour or two in between flights as he was passing through.
  • the airport parking not costing an absolute fortune
  • receiving our share of Grandma's estate
Now you. What are you thankful for this week? Share in the comments below or link up your own post.

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  1. You know we only got a dishwasher this year also and life is so much better I have so much more time. We thought we could live without one until it broke recently and then life really sucked. I often think about all the machines I use at home to make life easier it is phenomenal compared to past times. Some lovely thanks there. Have a great Day and Merry Christmas xx

    1. Yeah I can't believe I protested against one for such a long time! They really do make our lives so much easier don't they? Thanks for joining in with Thankful Thursday lovely, wishing you and your family all the best for Christmas as well

  2. Oh yes I couldn't survive without the dishwasher or the dryer or my laptop. The machines of my life ;)

    1. I know aren't they just fabulous? However did we get by without them?

  3. I just finished writing my post while waiting for the dryer to finish so I have clean undies so yes< I'm thankful for machines too!

    1. The main reason I gave into the dryer was so that I no longer had to hang out all the undies, that drives me bonkers I tell you!

  4. My dishwasher stopped working a few months ago. I lasted that time without one but decided I needed a new one as the novelty of hand washing had left me after that time :) That and the fact I got tired of dirty dishes on my sink.
    Actually I love all my time saving devices :)

  5. I'm thankful for a lot this year.. my family, friends, work, blog and just life in general! I'm looking forward to a very exciting 2014!! xxx Lucy from Bake Play Smile

  6. it took a while but my post is finally here!!
    Cannot live without the machines in our house!!


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