Saturday, August 11

Saturday Morning

Saturday mornings in our house mean sport. Well at least for the next two weeks they do. After that they will mean freedom and sleep ins. I can hardly wait. It has been a long time since our weekends haven't been tied up with sporting activities.

The big girl has been playing sport for three maybe four years. I am one of those people that is terrible at keeping track of when things actually start and finish. For me it all sort of morphs from one thing to the next.  There is always so much going on. Perhaps that is why my concept of time is so skewed. Maybe if I spent more time keeping track of time I would gain a better grasp of the concept?

Today, like most mornings we were late. Only our lateness actually went to a new level this morning. The big girl was so late the game had actually started before we got there. That has never actually happened before.

I could put this down to the extra child, sleeping over who also needed to be dressed and ready for action way to early in the morning for my liking but really it is all irrelevant now. The comfieness of my bed that held me in it till ten minutes before leaving time was probably the largest factor.  That and the eternal hunt for a pair of socks and correct shorts.

The upside to the ridiculous starting time is that it will all be done as dusted well before lunch time. Mind you this weekend we have no plans that need to be altered to fit in amongst sporting commitments. Not like last weekend where our long weekend getaway had to be delayed so kidlets could play their games.  Once this is out the way there is nothing but guilt riddled free time or light housework duties that revolve around washing dishes and clothes.  Fun times all round.


Sitting here in the basket ball stadium I will quietly admit that the whole kids sports thing does seem slightly appealing right now. Well aside from the 8 am kick off.

Mr Awesome has taken our children to the hockey stadium. The outside in the weather, standing up the whole time hockey stadium. I on the other hand am waiting for our visiting friend to do her thing at the incredibly civilized indoor, with lots of seats, basketball stadium. With the absence of the other girls I am momentarily enjoying some child free time and quite frankly I like it.

I was able to have a coffee uninterrupted. Not only that but I checked in on all the tweets I had missed lately as well as write this post. Score score and score.

In between all of that there was a rather gorgeous new born within eye shot. Normally I am not one to gush over a baby that is not mine but this little one was just captivating.  Not in the I want to have one of my own, because I don't, but in a wow the start of new life is so precious and how lucky this mother was to be able to embark upon it kind of way.

While there was a time when I wanted lots, well seven, children, I don't feel that way any more. As lovely as a new baby is I have my hands full enough as it is.  Aside from that we live in a two bedroom townhouse. We are bursting at the seams as it is.

But I digress.  Which is not such a bad thing as this post is as good as done. Plus it is no longer Saturday morning. Basketball finished before the post was done and now is the first chance I have had to tidy this up and hit publish.  Now is of course nearly dinner time as well.

Over the coming weeks I am hoping to change things up a bit around here. Because you know I am a SAHM I have nothing else to do but play around on my blog.  Or not.

~fairy wishes and butterfly kisses, may in every way this be a special day~

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