Friday, August 3

Excuse Me Is My Marriage Showing?

Today I am rather pleased to introduce my very first guest poster.  Please make Shawn from The Odd Couple Blog feel very welcome.  Shawn is a SAHM who has been married 28 years. Her goal is to help others enjoy their marriage as much as she has. She shares common sense marriage and family information make sure when you are done reading head on over to The Odd Couple Blog and see what else she has to say.
In the world today sometimes it is hard to really know what is in a person's heart. To have the time to get to know a co-worker or an acquaintance on a deeper level takes more time then you might have. There are many times that we spend our days with people that we don't really know even the most basic facts about. The same can be said about our neighbors and other people we spend our lives around but never get to know.

What about you? Do your co-workers, acquaintances even your neighbors know the basic facts about you? If a stranger was to watch your life right now would they be able to tell is you where married or not?

Well, how can you tell if a person is married? What one does with their time might be an indicator. A married person usually has a full time job if they are the bread winner for the family. Or you might be running errands to the bank, the grocery store or some other type of place that provides the necessities of taking care of a home and family. Even if there are no children yet still learning how to run a household takes a lot of time and hard work.

The activities of a married person would be different from a single. Hanging out in the bar trying to meet people is not something that you should be doing if married. Usually an activity is shared with your spouse since that is the reason most people get married, to have some one to share their time with. Since both of you usually are working during the day the evenings and week-ends are hours you cherish as time spent together recharging and enjoying one another.

The responses you give to different circumstances also can be a tool to know if you are married or not. If invited out to a party that might get wild and involve members of the opposite sex is turned down that response can help people know that you are not interested in those types of activities. An invite to a dinner party where spouses are invited is something that you are known to go people can learn your lifestyle and be able to draw conclusions to your marital status.

As important as it is to live a life that tells others your marital status it is just as important to let your spouse know that living the life of a married person is important to you. So, if you have been having a hard time up to now living life as a married person you can start cluing in your fellow workers and acquaintances of your married life. You can use how you spend your time. Do you need to get a full time job to help pay the bills? Are your activities showing what is on your left hand ring finger? Spend those precious free hours with the one you love. Are the responses you are giving to activities in turn with what a married person would do?

These are some of the important things you can do so you don't have to ask people. Excuse Me Is My Marriage Showing?

Oh and it's Friday so there is nothing better on a Friday than a jolly good blog flogging over With Some Grace


  1. I love this! And it's so true. Great guest post. Rachel x

  2. I'm not married but mostly live a married life with my daughter. Good relationships are the most precious thing we can ever be part of. It's not easy and getting good sagely advice is always a bonus x

  3. I am with Bachelor Mum on that, good relationships, no matter who they be with are such a precious commodity, they need to be treasured.

  4. Interesting and makes me reflect on my current life activities. I do usually turn down events where I know there will be decadent partying and drinking and try to attend those where my family can be involved. Guess that's where my heart is now :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. When I had a full time office job, i would often be astounded by some of my married male colleagues and their behavior. It never quite correlated to their marital status. Business trips were an opportunity to go drinking with the lads and business dinners inevitably ended at a pub or three.
    It always made me wonder why they never wanted to be at home with their spouses. And echoing the sentiments of the other commenters, a good relationship is a price commodity. It needs time and attention to keep it that way.

  6. I'm pretty sure that my hubbys colleagues know all about me and the girls - they're the only people he gets to complain too when he's knackered!

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  8. So much truth and wisdom in those words.

    I would say, yes, my marriage is showing. :)

  9. Lovely post, Shawn! I think the best thing in marriage is to have absolute love & respect for each other, and good communication. There are somethings that I love doing together with my husband, and some things that I want to do alone, just for me. This balance is important for our relationship, it helps us grow as a family and as individuals. I am very proud of that ring on my finger, and prouder still of the 3 little people we created and brought into this world x


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