Monday, August 13

Silence, Noise and Angel Connection

Wanting to take control of my life and ensure it is heading in the right direction I decided to give myself an Angel Feather reading. What else is there to do when children are at school or sleeping. It is not often that I find my self blessed with a tranquil silence, but when I do I like to make the most of it.

With the wind gently moving nearby wind chimes, their melodic chiming is all I hear. They somehow soften all other background noises, all of which are distant anyway. The tranquility I am experiencing is nothing short of pure bliss. This was the pause for inspiration that I spoke of last week.

Things were I live are not great at the moment. Without going into to much detail one neighbour is making life incredibly uncomfortable for other residents. There are bucket loads of tension all over the place. We are all just counting the days till the troublemakers leave.

Anyway, one of the other residents who also happens to be lovely new friend, lent me her Angel Feather Oracle deck. I felt strongly connected to them the moment she brought them out.

From the moment I got home with them I have been itching to have a play. The time was just never right though. Until now. Shuffling them in my hands the earlier felt connection just continued to grow. I like to have all the cards facing the right way when I start. Each one I turned round felt like it had a message for me.

It felt so good to be connecting to the Angel Realm. The real world is full of some pretty heavy issues at the moment and every now and then it is good to leave it behind. Dealing out the first three cards I felt reassured that not only would all be ok, but I would handle all before me with relative ease. Which I needed to hear like you wouldn't believe.

So here I am. Feeling warm and fuzzy, relieved that perhaps things aren't nearly as bleak as first expected. When  BAM! My peaceful, soul rejuvenating moments to myself are rudely snatched away from me.

Instead of solace I am now subjected to ear crunching pollution that is power drills and demolition.

The neighbours are getting a new kitchen. And bathroom. Which is super lovely for them because what they have is what some might call antique. It is definitely older than retro, which is what we are blessed with. To say I am jealous in some ways is not entirely untrue, but that is not the point right now. What I hadn't factored when I was told about the forth coming upgrade weeks ago, was the noise.

Did I mention we share a common brick wall?

It sounds like the handy man is about to bore through it at any given moment. His drill varying between ear piercingly sharp and brain burstingly loud. At precociously the same time as this starts the concrete trucks across the road on the other side of the house fire up and I soundly feel like I am in the middle of a war zone.

Oh no wait. That is not what makes me think I am in a war zone. The F-18's and Hercules that are now flying over head are what make me think war zone. Which I have never had a problem with and would by no means ever complain about what our pilots are prepared to do.
This flies over my house regularly at this time of year

Seriously my ears are ringing and my head a thumping. All the while Miss Two sleeps. Please just let her keep on sleeping. I wish I could just scream out to it all, don't you know I have a child sleeping if you would kindly shut the fuck up.

There now I've gone and sworn on the blog again. I do try not to do that. It is hard at the moment though. Feeling as frustrated and useless as I do at the moment dropping an f bomb here and there is all I can do. Thirty eight days and counting.

As the reader you should appreciate that this post didn't start with a range of expletives because I tell ya when that drill starts pounding into the wall I want to harm people with a fork. So much for being connected to the angelic fairy world.

Best I go source some ear plugs I think


  1. We live next door to a RAAF base and the noise of the planes and jest doesn't phase me in the least, in fact I hardly ever notice it anymore. But if the neighbours start using power tools or doing any sort of loud work I instantly notice it and get annoyed. Mia doesn't flinch to planes and jets but when the neighbour makes a god-awful noise getting his truck ready to leave in the morning,you can bet she'll wake up. I hope you got at least a few more minutes of blissful silence and solitude at some other stage of the day!

  2. Rhianna, it started with a calm post and ended, well, very differently. What happened? Perhaps the cards will have to wait until 1.00am in the morning. :p

  3. Oh dear! I hope you find the peace you are after soon - and a chance to delve into those cards!

  4. Ohhh, you just made my tummy drop! I'm so sorry your moment of bliss was so rudely interrupted, plus I want to know exactly how an Angel Feather reading works!! We have had 2 sets of town houses built directly opposite us recently - it was almost 5 months of 6am starts, trucks, drills, air compressers and workmates sitting on their eskies for breaks watching everything that happened in our front yard and lounge room. It was awful. When a developer wanted to buy the little park that nestles between these two blocks I went to council to argue to save our park (and my sanity).. thank god it worked.. for now.
    Good luck, buy earplugs xx


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