Tuesday, December 6

The Best of Intentions

That is what I have.  Always and ever.  My intentions, if nothing else are for the best.  From the onset I aim for the best possible outcome.  But then who doesn't? Of course we all want the best.  Of course we all hope for the best and are of the opinion that are actions are in the direction to take us there.  Only some days hope is all I have.

Some days I can hope till the cows come home that things will work out to even resemble anything like I planned or perhaps expected and still don't get close to the mark.

Take today for example I had the very best of intentions when I sat down to write this awesome post. (some ten hours ago)  I had intended for it to be all about my hopes, goals and plans for the coming week(s) (yep that's right I am nearly ready to start thinking in terms of weeks rather than just days) I had intended to carry on about how this week would see me organised and on top of everything.  How I was confident for the next two weeks DD1 would feel like the house at least in someway resembled that of the homes featured in the wonderful Target ad that is currently blessing our screens.  The one which every time she sees she comments on how she wishes our house was as clean as theirs.

So I am not really sure how from that I ended up in twitterland or idly clicking balls in what ever the name of the current facebook game that has my attention.  I promise that I did intend to get the writing done just as soon as the inspiration hit.  Only then life once again got in the way and I found myself running errands, entertaining children and catching up with my mother.  Followed by shopping for dinner, preparing and then cooking said dinner.  Only to have it eaten and a pile of dishes left in it's wake. Though I am a bit glad it was so well received and eaten so quickly. (Sweet Chilli Pork with Vegetables and Noodles in case you were wondering)

It was also with best intentions I thought pulling out the contents of a few cupboards to reorganise was a good idea.  As was sorting out the girls clothes and toys.  The Christmas bunting I started making weeks ago was of the very best intentions.  I have completed nearly all of it but there is still a large chunk of it to get done.  You know the really fun part of actually sewing it on the ribbon so you can hang it.  Not to mention the blog posts I had planned to go with it.  I had intended to get at least two, possibly three posts about the bunting...

When I went to lay down with the child last night to ease the pain of going to sleep I had every intention of only laying there till she was asleep.  That way I could come back and finish off this post.  I had intended that this post would be a bit of a lead up to next week's official return of Me & YOU.  Yep that's right incase you missed the big announcement last week Karlee has decided that her wonderful link up should return to a weekly presence.  Instead it is now Tuesday and the fantastic IBOT post I had intended to write is no where to be seen. (Well that is not exactly true this will now become my fantastic IBOT post as it is now Tuesday and all) I had intended to do something that would also have fitted in with Ten Things Tuesday over with Sif but clearly this post is not exactly a list.  Maybe I will get to it later today? (Totally plausible with two sick kidlets right?)

So there you have it.  The best of intentions do not always lead to the best of outcomes (who would have thought?)

Make sure you come back next Monday to check out how I am going in the craziness that is the last week of term and the Christmas lead up.  In the meantime head on over and say hi to the awesome Jess who is today sharing a run down on the ups and downs of teenage hair as well as all the other IBOT bloggers who have linked up.