Monday, December 12

Me & YOU Monday - The Return!

Yeah baby we are back in business!  Today marks' the return of The Mother Experiment's wonderful self improvement link up Me & YOU.

By far and away THE best way for me to start my week off.

For those who are new Me & YOU was started by Karlee as a way to work on areas of life that may be in need of improving.  You know like road rage or nail biting, excessive swearing, eating too much chocolate, lack of exercise.  I am sure you get the picture.  For me I decided that housework, my somewhat nemesis was what I would tackle.  One painful week at a time.

Actually I embraced it with gusto and at times actually felt that there was a chance of me taking out Domestic Goddess of the year.  There were also times when procrastination and laziness clearly over took my mind and body and I was more likely to be the winner of slob of the year.

After eleven weeks Karlee decided to spice things up a little and extend the link up to a monthly basis.   Even as she announced it I knew that monthly would not work for me.  My attention span is somewhat limited.  I get distracted easily and staying focused is not always a strong point.  Keeping up my momentum for an entire month would not be easy.  Thankful this also turned out to be the way for our lovely host and without further ado here we are back to the first weekly installment.

Now incase you are wondering as I sit here the tower of dishes on my drainer are in fact clean.  There are a few cups to be washed but not enough to really bother just yet.  The only clothes waiting to be folded are the knickers and socks.  Which I hate with more than a passion but apparently since I am the only one that cares if they are folded or not I am also the only one who will actually fold them.  If only there was something worthy of my attention on TV then perhaps I would be more inclined to sit and fold them.

In fact on the whole the house is pretty spick and span.  Well at least the bottom half is.  There is a bit of work to do in the bedrooms but they are only minor details.  Not to mention that the bedrooms are upstairs and essentially out of sight and therefore out of mind for most of the day.

Since this is the last week of the school term and two weeks out from Christmas I am very cautious as to what I set myself out to do.  Being the intricate human being that I am if I have a to do list that is too long or overwhelming I am more than likely to look at it and immediately throw it in the already overflowing too hard basket.  Having said that though there is heaps of stuff that I want to get down.

I want to build 4 gingerbread houses.  One for here, one each for the girls to class parties and one to be included in the school raffle.  Despite never having successfully made one before I suddenly think that not only can I make them but also make them awesome enough to give away as a prize.

I want to take some kick ass photos of my Christmas decorations because I am not sure how much longer I can keep going on about them without actually showing them.  Plus if I talk them up much more my photos may never do them justice.

I want be all Martha Stewart like and have the housework constantly under control while I becoming a baking goddess who is so over flowing with creativity makes endless homemade gifts.  You see the four gingerbread houses I spoke of earlier are not the only baking I wish to get done this week.  I am not even sure what it is I want to bake.  I just want to bake.  Isn't that what Christmas is all about? Making yummy food to share with one and all.

I want  to have a post scheduled for 5am every single morning.  Or at least three mornings. Though five would be better.

I want  to not yell, scream, or let my frustrations get the better of me when the kidlets get just that little too much.  As kidlets do in the last week of school in the lead up to Christmas.

I want to play and laugh and have fun with said kidlets in a bit to avoid the build up of frustrations.  What I really want is for kidlets to not be sick or tired or run down as this will probably also help in the avoidance of frustrations.  For everyone.

I want to make the time to try my hand at some Christmas crochet.

I want to get some more sleep each night and I want the kidlets to do the same.

There is still more but really I have possibly already applied just a little to much pressure for one week.  Oh and did I mention I need to think of a super cool present for MIL's rather special (it has a 0 on the end) birthday on Friday.  I may also need to make a cake.  A bit of Christmas shopping wouldn't go astray either...

So there you have it.  A mammoth week ahead for me as there is also a few school events that will probably need my attention as well.  Even as I write this I know that chances are pretty good this won't go to plan.  But that's ok.

As long as I truly try that is all that matters.  My motto for the week is to be the best me I can be.  A catchy cliche I know but really as long as I can honestly say I gave it my best then that is all that matters.  This is what I ask of the girls and it is only right that I set the same for myself.

The best me knows that doing little bits around the house as they need doing is the best option.
The best me knows that I need to make time to be organised and plan my day.
The best me also knows that even though I plan I need to stay flexible.

What's your plan for the week?  Have you got one?  Or is there perhaps there something else in your life you want to work on?  Head on over to The Mother Experiment and join on in.