Thursday, December 1

Thankful Thursday - The Mother Experiment

A few months ago, one of my favourite fellow bloggers began a weekly link up called Me & YOU.  It was designed to focus on goals and improve various aspects of participants lives.  Regular readers will recall the gusto with which I took this on.  It was all very timely for me.  This year was meant to be all about self improvement for me.  Being the best me I could be.  For the first six months I felt focused and on task, however I did start to falter and Karlee's link up came when I needed it most.  For that I am incredibly thankful.

I have mentioned many times before the importance of having goals.  They provide direction and guidance in life, constantly giving us something to aim for and strive towards.  Goals helps us to become better people and accomplish achievements, both great and small.  Without goals we may be left feeling empty and without purpose wondering what we are going with life.

Over the weeks since the inception of Me & YOU I found it very inspiring to be sharing my struggles with my readers.  Having it in the fore front of my mind meant that I was constantly trying to improve and change.  Thanks to the support and understanding of the blogosphere I quickly learnt that it is ok to fail as long as you try.  In fact I think it is fair to say that I actually got to the point where I really was just enjoying trying and all that came with it.  For that I am thankful.

After nearly three months and with the impending birth of baby number two Karlee decided that Me & YOU should go monthly.  Aside from myself and Kristy over at My Ramblings there were few regulars linking up and all I ever did was moan about my inability to conquer Mt Washmore so I can understand the reasoning behind the change.  Though for this I was not thankful for.

Even though the first month actually only went for two and a bit weeks my mojo dwindled and I began to feel myself suffocating once again under piles of clothes.  Thankfully I managed to pull it all back together for the first monthly installment but I quickly found that I needed to keep my goals on a weekly basis.  After all I am at times like a goldfish or perhaps related to 10 second Bob.  Either way my attention span is rather short and I need to regularly check in to stay on track.  I am thankful that I realise this and can now take steps to achieve this.

Today being the first of the month, was supposed to be Me & YOU day, only Karlee forgot and I can't say I blame her.  Even without the lead up to Christmas there is a lot going on, but with two under two it would be more than a handful.  I am thankful that Karlee felt comfortable enough to be so open.

Now I am fairly sure that the lovely Karlee feels somewhat obliged to maintain this wonderful link up because of the progress that I have made.  For that I am thankful as it shows what a beautiful and caring person she is.  However, Karlee, you should rest assured that a corner has been turned and now that I realise just how useful some weekly and regular goals are I won't be stepping away from them anytime soon.

Today I give thanks to The Mother Experiment and her Me & YOU Monday initiative.  Truly a turning point in my life.  Joining in with Kate, who says stuff here. This week she is thankful for the onset of Christmas.  What are you thankful for?

Oh and did I mention how thankful I would be for your vote here