Saturday, December 10

Weekend Rewind - Looking for Inspiration

While I was aimless wandering round my usual combination of Twitter, Facebook and favourite blogs I noticed that Veronica over at Mixed Gems kept going on about this thing called Weekend Rewind. Not being one to miss out on a good link up opportunity I went to discover more.  And boy did I discover!

The gracious host is a blog rather new to me and yet I already feel like I have stumbled across a long lost friend.  Of course discovering a wonderful new blog this early on a Saturday morning means what little hope my housework had of getting done is now greatly diminished. So where can this blog I speak of be found? Well they are in the cool crowd and have buttons so click the button below and off you will go.

See I told it was awesome there.

So after much thought, deliberation and re-reading I was able to find a post that was suitable to include in this week's link up.  This week the theme was a post from September.  I didn't bother looking past September this year because quite frankly I have only been putting a concerted effort into this blog since about March.  So September 2011 had a total of 20 posts to it's name.  Most of which were a TIK or Thankful Thursday post with a few Wordless Wednesday's thrown in for good measure.  Apparently I can only blog if I am linking up (actually I link up because so far that has been the best way for me to get traffic).  

In the end I narrowed it down to two posts. This one and this one.  Of course only one could be included in the actual link up.  To find out which on I decided on you will have to head here and find out.  While you are there make sure you check out some of the other great rewinds for this weekend.