Tuesday, December 13

All I Want For Christmas

A few weeks ago the ever lovely Jess posted her list of Christmas wishes and being the awesome kinda blogger that she is, she tagged a few fellow bloggers to share all they want for Christmas.  I must say I felt more than a little special to be one of those said bloggers.  It sorta made me feel like the cool kids at school were asking me to play with them.

At the time my internet was a bit AWOL due to hubs exceeding our limit (yet again) because of his ridiculous desire to download movies onto the iPad.  However since he now has an adaptor and cord that allows us to watch said movies on our TV it does not seem so ridiculous but it does still bug me just a little.  That perhaps is a post for another day though.

Back to now.

Because our internet was so damn slow there was no way my Christmas wish list was possible as I wanted to include some rather cool photos that I stole sourced from the net.  You see this is what Jess had done for hers and I found it rather appealing.  Plus I have slowly been trying to work out how to use Pinterest.

Unfortunately for me though by the time our monthly allowance had been reset there were other posts to be written and my wish list got pushed to the back of the list.  Not only that I had trouble coming up with exactly what I want for Christmas.  As a closet hoarder who is currently in the process of trying to declutter and regain control I am not really in the right mind frame to be thinking of more things to bring into the house.  I am however a dedicated blogger (and awesome one at that see this post for details) and therefore have come up with a list of Christmas wishes.

  1. While cramming five of us into a two bedroom townhouse is a little squishy to say the least I do not necessarily wish for a new house like Jess did.  We have a great location close to everything and this was our first home together as such.  I have bought two babies into this home and over the years there are just too many memories made here to just walk away from it.  At least right now.  So rather than a lovely new mansion which would be way beyond my housekeeping skills if I could just expand this little box a bit that would be lovely.
  2. During the renovations on the house it would be lovely if we could have a family holiday.  You know one of those all expenses paid gigs where we see the world and money is not an issue.  I am not saying I want to stay in five star joints (though that would be nice) What I really want is for us to go and see places like this


    Source for all photos: google.com.au via A Parenting Life on Pinterest
  3. A new pair of bathers.  Something practical and gorgeous that a hip to the hop mum like me should be seen in.  Actually anything that has not lost it elastic or faded to nearly see through like my current ensembles would be good.  I am not sure how that all three pairs of bathers that I currently own all managed to fall apart at the same time.  Just in time for summer as well.
  4. Come to think of it an entire new wardrobe wouldn't go astray.  After twenty months of breastfeeding (which I do still love) I am however over the whole peek-a-boo boobie feature that is found in every article of clothing I currently own.  Plus if I am jet setting all over the world on my family holiday I should be looking stylish while I do it.
  5. Just a brief visit from
    That way she could teach me how to sing her magic lullaby and my bedtime nightmares would become a thing of the past.  She might even have a tip or two for me on how to maintain the new quarters to a spick and span kind of level.
  6. A new hairstyle.
    Well actually just a hair style other than the bleh mop thing that is presently upon my head.
    Seriously apart from the orange skin this could be me
  7. About 50 000 hits on my blog.  All at once.  Or at least over a few days.  Imagine how cool that would be?  There is a bit of an attention seeker in me and the thought of going viral is just a little exciting.  Not that 50 000 really is going viral these days but it would still be pretty exciting.
  8. Speaking of blogs my next wish is to work out how to make this
    into a button that others could go and put on their blog.  You know just incase there was ever someone who wanted to do that.  Who knows one day there might be.
    I did actually go to the trouble of finding out how to do it myself a while ago only I got to the last step and something wasn't right and it didn't work and for the life of me I couldn't figure out how.  So perhaps a better wish would be to have a whole heap of html code and techy stuff like that instantly downloaded to my brain.  That way there would also be a heap of other little things in the computer world I could see to.
  9. To tell you the truth I am sort of struggling to think of any more.  I have my last one all sorted (or at least in my head it is) and I really need to think of one more so I can have a 10 Things Post.  The best I can come up with at this point is for my desire for my blog to have a revamp and facelift, after all a new will soon be upon us and why shouldn't APL be given the once over as well.  Plus I have noticed a few of my other blogs around lately who have made changes and it has only been for the better.
    The thing is that I just don't know where to begin.  I don't know my strengths and I am not really sure what it is that makes for a good blog.  I know that I want to be me and write from the heart, it's just that sometimes I am not really sure who or where that is.  I suppose that is half the fun, discovering the unknown and all but I have heard that direction is a mighty fine thing at times.
    So please Santa if you wouldn't mind could you somehow just help my point my blog in the direction of mass popular awesomeness that will see me gain great benefit and success.
  10. My final wish for Christmas 2011 is that it be one filled with love and laughter.  A time where peace fills the air and all is well.  A time that memories and dreams are made of to last the coming year through.  I wish this not just for myself, but also for you dear reader , and all who you know.  May one and all have a blessed time with family and friends with an endless supply of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses.

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