Friday, December 23

Things I Know About Cars

Now before you turn away thinking this is just another review of the wonderful franchise that is Cars. Don't worry it's not. This week I am going to share with you the things I know about actual cars. As in the things we drive on the road. With specific reference to the things I know about my car and our recent trip to the service station.

I know that Patty the Patrol is by far and away my favourite vehicle to ever have owned. Claude the Corolla is in some ways a very close second because it was my first ever car but due to the fact the Patty has air con, is a 4WD and has a very cool number plate he wins.

Patty the Patrol in all his glory when we went on our Outback Adventure
I know that Patty is a diesel vehicle.  Not unleaded petrol.  I have known this for over two years now.

I know that with the possible threat of a cyclone looming, not to mention Christmas, filling Patty up seemed like a good idea.

I know that I could come up with a heap of reasons as to why I had such a moment of stupidity that saw me potentially cause Patty some serious damage. None of the reasons really matter though. It still happened.

I know that upon lifting the nozzle out of the bowser and noticing there was no extra catch to lift up I should have started paying more attention to things.

I know that I am super glad I was able to find someone to help me push my big heavy car so I didn't have to start it. (which may potentially have saved us thousands of dollars)

I know I am super super thankful that I have someone who will be able to help me fix this near on catastrophe. (again potential savings here is massive)

I know that while I hold not going to my regular service station as one of the many reasons as to why this happened, there is a part of me that is glad of where we were. The service station where the terrible deed occurred was only meters away from a family friendly sports club with a liquor license.

I know that drinking is not the way to solve one's problems but having a quick rum while I waited for hubs to pick us up made it all a little easier to deal with.

I know that when the consol operater told me that I was the third person in twenty four hours to have put petrol, rather than diesel into their car I was not exactly comforted. Though I can find some comfort in the thought now.

I know that in the end everything will be ok. And really there is no point beating myself up. I was not the first persons to do this and I will not be the last. I know that I still feel like a right twat though.

I know that the final thing I know this eve of Christmas Eve is that I am super excited to be linking up today as TIK takes up it's new residency with Kellie at The Good, The Bad and The Unnecessary.

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  1. Funny, made me laugh, that is something I would do! My husband would kill me :)There are just too many things to remember in life, nothing like a looming cyclone to scatter your brain! Stay safe and enjoy Christmas.


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