Thursday, December 1

Monday Goals (Just a little late)

Ok so getting last Monday's goal post out in the wee hours of Friday morning is probably not the best of plans but sometimes life is just like that.  Nothing this week has gone to plan and I think I have reached the point where I will just stop planning.

Today, actually I mean yesterday, being the first of the month meant that it was time to check back in with TME to see how our monthly goals went.  Needless to say that mine have not gone to well.

My first goal of successfully writing 50 000 words for NaNoWriMo did not even come close to being achieved.  Which stands it in good stead with my second goal of writing 20 blog posts this month.  I got to 19.  Though I do have one scheduled for later today that was written in November, so I guess technically I did reach this goal. (yay me) My final goal was to remain conscious about the housework.  As always this has been hit and miss.  There were some really awesome days when I would have given Martha Stewart a run for her money but then there were also days I should probably have been locked away for my lack of effort.

One thing I did learn this past month though is that I need to maintain a weekly round up of my goals.  I just don't have the focus to let it go to monthly.  At least not yet,  and aside from that I need all the blog post ideas I can get my hands on so for the time being a weekly post about my ineptitude towards goal setting and achieving will stay on the cards.  Who knows I may actually get something done.

With that in mind last week I wrote about my return to weekly goals (which much like I assume this will be remained largely unread)  On the upside though I feel rather successful in terms of the goals that I set.  Mt Washmore is not at it's peak and is in fact almost under control.  Given some of the wet weather and the need to change sheets around three times due to sick children that is all pretty admirable.

Not only that but I actually managed to pump out four posts instead of the anticipated three  and on most days I was consciously active, including to runs to the shop, so I am currently feeling like a real winner.

Having said that though it was not all roses and sunshine.

The dish free sink area was a massive failure.  There were a few days were the tower of dirty dishes at the kitchen sink gave Mt Washmore a run for its money in the race to reach the ceiling first.  Even as I speak the drainer is plagued by dirty dishes.  In my defense though I don't feel I should have to cook and then clean every single night.  Surely there are other people in the household capable of assisting.  Something I will certainly be looking into.

My final goal for last week was to consciously model the behaviours I wish to see in the kidlets.  This is a tough one.   I know that my yelling has decreased but I have still been a bit of a grumbler which is not exactly something that I want the kids to be.  I did model good  housekeeping skills for a while but no one else joined in and I got disheartened.  Maybe I need to try for longer than a day?

So where to now?

Since this week is nearly over it seems a little silly to come up with a heap of things to try and achieve in an already booked out weekend however in an ideal and perfect world the following would occur

  1. By 4pm Saturday afternoon my house will be spotless and sparkling so Grandma can relax and enjoy spending time with the girls while hubs and I go to his work Christmas party.
  2. I will have baked up a Christmas storm to take along to Carols by Candlelight on Sunday night
  3. Awesome posts will be in the pipeline and ready to be scheduled for the week to come
  4. The Christmas bunting I so desperately wanted to make will all be finished and dangling from my ceiling
  5. Somehow I will have added quite a few extra hours in the day where I can sleep uninterrupted
Best I stop now before I get too carried away.  I am thinking I might call this little series the Weekly Wrap Up.  What do you think?  Sounds a bit more enticing than Weekly Goals don't you think?

Oh and not that this is a goal but I would love to see how many votes I can get in the Mom's Circles Aussie Mum's Blog List.  Go here to vote once every 24 hours till Dec 8th.