Sunday, December 25

And So This Is Christmas

Another year over, and new one to begin. Or something like that. If I weren't typing from my phone I would possibly embed a You Tube clip of the song but oh well.

Christmas day is all but over which comes with some relief I must admit. As much as I love this time of year it is also incredibly tiring. I am feeling particularly drained because just as I was getting ready for bed last night I got a visit from the red dragon. Which is good in many ways, even if right now I wish it would leave me alone. I had actually just started to think that perhaps I would be spared this month which is far from what I really want. I mean that I would love to escape a visit but not at the cost of being pregnant. As much as I love the notion of more children I am fairly sure the practise wouldn't play out as well.

We are still unsure what the cyclone is doing though it does appear as if we will once again escape unscathed by mother nature's wrath. Which is good. She has been one angry lady this year and I would much rather stay in her good books.

Well this is enough of a post to hit publish now without being heartbroken if it doesn't work. I hope wherever you are and whatever you believe, that today has in every way been a more than special day.

Fairy wishes, butterfly kisses and Merry Christmas