Friday, December 16

Things I Know about TIK

Since this is Shae's final week at hosting the ever popular Things I Know (TIK) meme I thought that it would be fitting for this post to be all about the things I know about my time with Yay For Home as the host of this link up.  Next week the equally lovely Kellie over at The Good, The Bad and The Unnecessary which must be pretty exciting for her.

I know that as I write there are a total of sixteen posts with the tag TIK
I know my first ever TIK was way back on June 25th.  Yes you are right that was a Saturday rather than Friday.  I was a day late (nothing unusual there lateness is a genetic disorder I have suffered from since before birth).
I know this also happens to be my most popular post ever.  Weird huh?
I know that when it comes to my top ten posts two of them are TIK posts.  The other one which comes in at number seven was written recently.  It shares all I know on friendships.
I know that going back and reading some of these old posts has shown me how much changes as much as stays the same.
I know that in the week when I thought about what I would know this week it seemed much easier than what it is proving to be now.

and last but not least

I know that I have greatly enjoyed linking up with Shae each week and I know that linking up with Kellie will be just as awesome.

I know  that you should head over to

and see all the other things that people know