Tuesday, December 20

I don't want to. And I hate that I have to.

Given the time I should be sleeping.  Actually to be more precise I should have been sleeping hours ago.  But I just can't.  My body doesn't want to stop yet.  Or perhaps it is more like the mind does not want me to stop yet.  

You see if I give in and go to sleep then it means when I wake it is time to take DD1 to the airport.  And I don't want to.  The thought of being without her for four weeks does not thrill me.  At all.  Not in the slightest.

I know though that sleep is not that far away.  I can't fight it much longer.  Especially when I am meant to be getting up in less than four hours.  Bleh.  Did I mention I don't want to?

I wish I could stamp my feet and carry on and not put her on the plane.  But that is not what a good mum does.  Well that is what I have been told anyway.  Besides she really wants to go.  

Who wouldn't though?  Getting away is nice even when you are a kid.  Plus she has been before, she knows the fun that lays ahead of her.