Saturday, December 17

Weekend Rewind - Rocktober

This week's Weekend Rewind, hosted by And then there were four is flashing back to the month of October.  Now I don't know about your October but for me it was a pretty full on month.  Always has been really, but rarely for the right reasons.

In terms of blogging though October is the month that has the most posts so choosing one for today was less than easy.  This October so the second anniversary of my father's passing so there are a few posts based around that as I still try to come to terms with the loss.  Some days are much easier than others but like I tell my girls he will always live on in our hearts.

October is also the month that remembers little lives that have been lost with Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.   I am more than thankful to be able to say that this does not directly affect me.  I wish that everyone the whole world round be able to say the same.  Sadly though that is not the case.

With that in mind it made it easy to choose which October post I will share today.  Click here to read more