Saturday, June 4

And so the struggle continues

I am back to not knowing what to write.  As always I seem to have loads of brilliant ideas when I am away from the computer and then as soon as I get here it all just goes.

(short frustrated sigh) (make that very frustrated)

*head scratch*

I mean it has gotten so bad that I am not resorting to mentioning that I scratch my head.

twitch, twitch

(long deep sigh and big breath in as I wonder whether or not I should just delete all of this or continue on.  The little voice at the back of my head that keeps whispering at least it is something wins, and I think I will leave it at least for now)

One of my neighbours has decided to get some renovations done.  Which we have known about for quite some time.  What we didn't realise was that today was the day the noisy bobcat would be in.  After a rather pleasant morning at a local park and then early afternoon adventure to the Waterfront I was hoping for a very peaceful afternoon.  One which wasn't plagued by the reversal signal if machinery. (Grrr)

Going out is sort of an option but I am not sure I really have the energy for it.  

(short sigh and teeth grit as beeping continues)

*more eye rubbing and head holding*

I have taken a few photos today which was nice, I haven't uploaded them yet though.  I have gotten up a few times to get the card but as so often happens to me I get distracted.  Hubs is continually commenting on my many simultaneous projects.  So with that in mind I might love you an leave you for now with the promise of returning with some beautiful photos

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