Sunday, June 26

Catching Up

Sometimes it seems all I am ever trying to do is catch up on things.  It doesn't matter what it is I will be behind with it.  The pile of dishes I have been trying to work through for what seems like forever indicates that I am roughly three days behind there.  The washing that is slowly consuming the couch strongly suggests that I am only two days behind on the folding.  Yet the lack of clean knickers in drawers means I am at least five days behind with the washing.  

Lots of catching up to do.  

I also need to catch up with friends.  Both virtual and in the real world.  Then of course there is the endless catching up I could do with all my craft projects.  Be it sewing, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, you name it, I am behind in it.  I am even slightly behind in a few of my once favourite FB games.  Actually I don't think they are even entitled to be called games I think that from now on they will be referred to as time wasters.  Let's face it that is what they are.

When I started this post though I wanted to catch you up on what was happening in my life.  It has been a while since I gave a bit of an update and since it seems like I have a bit of spare time while DD3 sleeps I thought why not?  

The biggest news is that we are ALL on holidays!  Hubs included and it feels awesome.  The kidlets have four weeks off school while Hubs only has the first two and half weeks.  It feels like forever since we all had time to just hang.  Well actually I should clarify that.  We are hanging a bit today, at least for the moment right now we are all on free time.  The morning saw me gardening at mum's while hubs and the kids cleaned up a little and played.  DD2 and Hubs are now well established in a Simpson marathon while DD1 is at a friends house.

It is so nice to know that even though dinner is already cooking and under control there is no rush to get in on the table and get everyone into bed super early ready for the start of a new week.  It feels like time has been removed from us.  Schedules and regular routines have been thrown out the window and instead been replaced with freedom and little to do.

Little to do? Who am kidding?  There is always a trillion things to do around here.  In fact there are so many things to do around here that I wonder if any of them ever really get done.

Ok so it is now after dinner and I am still trying to get this post out into the blogosphere.  Been a busy couple of hours.  What with feeding, cleaning and sleeping of children times three, one of whom has a bit of a temperature and another that refuse to rest it has been all a go for me.  In amongst it all I managed to offend someone I didn't really mean to.  Ironically I felt that someone close to them recently did the same to me.  Oh life can be tricky sometimes can't it?

Anyway I think we can safely say that there is much for me to catch up on.  Or rather catch you up on.  Or perhaps both.  Hopefully the next four weeks will see me not only catch up on many things but possibly even get ahead

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