Saturday, June 18

Sudden Growth

You may not have noticed, but the other night I grew.  In fact little old A Parenting Life just about doubled in size!  

How did this happen I hear you ask? Well sadly it was not from a sudden burst of energetic writing.  It was however a result of me investigating a few of the many features that Blogger has to offer.  I must say I am more than mighty impressed.  In only a few simple clicks I was able to mere one of my older blogs with this wonderful masterpiece.

There is no real reasoning behind my actions I just like the idea of bringing all my ideas to the one place. Plus there is something slightly inspiring in seeing just how long I have been struggling with the same things.  You see I have often thought of myself as a bit of a quitter.  Not the quitter of bad habits quitter (though I am this as well) but the quitter it is all too hard or too much effort type of quitter.  Being able to look back at and see I have been trying to write for some years now, means surely I am getting closer to reaching my dream.  Don't you think?

Anyway I will leave it here for now.  I remember reading somewhere that posts should always be kept to around the 400 word mark.  Which I think is roughly where I am now (note to Blogger developers pls add a word counter) (Oh in case you were wondering I am only at 247 words, shows how good at guessing I am)  The real reason for my desire to leave is that the Super Cars are in town and it is being shown on TV at the moment.  We were down there for a little while this afternoon, it was pretty cool.  I am thinking I will brave it tomorrow as well.  I say brave it as Hubs will be tucked away having fun in a corporate tent while the girls and I slum it out on the hill with the general public.

I didn't take my camera with me today but here are a few of my favourite shots from years gone by.

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