Friday, June 24


I am here more because I feel I should be rather than because I want to be.  

Actually that is not completely true.  On many levels I do want to be here because I love to write and I honestly have faith that if I keep plugging away here then one day my dreams of fame and possible fortune will come true.  However right now I can not really think of anything worthy of firstly me writing and secondly you reading.

As I sit here, scrunched up from the cold and blurry eyed from too much computer time my mind is somewhat numb.  I find myself at the end of a rather long day that has brought to an end a rather long week, which actually feels part of a very long month and possibly even year.  Again though I could just be taking writer's liberty.  It has been a long couple of days though.

Poor hubs has been working very long days in a bid to get the dreaded stocktake out of the way.  From the brief moment I saw him tonight before he stumbled into bed I think that this has been achieved meaning he is now on two and a half weeks holiday.  Well after 12pm tomorrow he will be.  Yipee!!! Is all I have to say about that.  Tomorrow is also the first day of the school holidays.  This actually translates into four weeks of uninterrupted mornings as well no longer battle to leave the house before eight.

However what it also means is that DD1 is off to see her biological father (whom I would like to simply refer to as sperm donor but he has requested (demanded?) I don't.  Either way her absence will mean leaving me to try and not be a blithering mess.

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