Thursday, June 16

Point + Shoot: A weekend get away

It was time to hit the road.  Time to get away and forget about it all.  There may only be two weeks before we are all officially on holidays but this opportunity to escape was just too good to be true.

Saturday saw DD2 turn five.  We had planned to go to lunch and then watch some stunt cars fly through the air down at the local speedway.  However the stunt cars turned out to be incredibly over priced so at the last minute a quick party in the park was organised and a dash down the track with her best friend and his family arranged.

From the moment I stepped out onto the sand I felt free.  I felt worries that I didn't even know about leave me.  For two blissful days kids ran free and I sat and looked at the sea.  Even just thinking about it now I feel relaxed and transformed.  I want to go back there.  Actually on some level I want to stay there forever.  Stay in the calm, the care free, the not a worry in the world...


Even though it is nearly time for the weekend again this post is playing along with the lovely Lou at Sunny + Scout Being away from home may well be fun and relaxing but there sure is a lot to catch up on when you return.  This week has just been a blur of washing and school stuff.  Yesterday was sports day and being the overly involved mother that I am I had a major part in organising the food and drink for the evening events.  I think that all turned out well and by all accounts we appeared to have raised some much needed funds for the school.  Win win all round really.

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