Monday, June 27

An Endless Battle

That is what the washing feels like to me.  

It is a constant cycle of wearing, washing, hanging and folding.  Oh did I mention the putting away?  Probably not because that stage rarely occurs in my house.  As it is my nature to leave everything for as long as possible rather than see to it immediately the washing pile is generally on the side of humungous by the time I get around to doing it.  Which means it takes me forever to get through.  As such by the time I have finished washing it I have little to no interest in folding it or putting it away.  This in turn means the washing will sit on the couch, table, or wherever for the following week.

Today I have nearly won the battle!

Aside from the socks and knickers, (oh and the half full clothes line) there is no washing to be folded or put away.  This my dear reader is like a giant leap forward for me.  With any luck I will be able to use this excitement to create some more momentum so as to ensure I keep on top of there dread battle for the rest of the week.

Fingers crossed and wish me luck

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