Thursday, June 30

Packing (Again)

Once again I am faced with the ever so daunting task of packing.  This time I am packing enough food, clothes and entertainment for week long outback adventure for four.  Rather than sit at home and mope about in the absence of DD1, we decided to take some time out for a family adventure.  To tell you the truth I was silently hoping that she said she would rather come with us but alas that was not to be.  Which is fine.  Hard to take but fine and being the open minded person that I am I totally understand why it did happen the way I dreamed but lets move right along.

I am pretty pumped about out camping expedition.  We have ummhed and arhhhed a lot over whether we can really afford it or not.  In the end we decided what the hell.  We can worry about money (or rather lack there of) when we get home.  Plus these things usually have a way of sorting themselves out. At least I am hoping they do.

We really need this time away to regroup and recharge.  Our taste of it all the other week confirmed that we need to do this.  We haven't really decided where we are going yet, just somewhere towards the west.  I like the idea of the unknown.  Makes me feel reckless and all living on the edge like.   

Unfortunately I am no where near as organised as I should be.  We are still barely packed.  The preferred departure time is approximately ten hours away with at least half of that being prescribed for sleep.  Hubs headed to bed an hour or so ago and I am seriously starting to think I should do the same.  If only I was a bit more of a morning person.  Or at least one of those morning people that began operations at about 5am.  I am more of a 10am morning person.  Mind you as a mother 10am mornings are not normally the norm.  Though the girls are all fans of sleeping in compared to some of the outrageous times I hear some children waking at.

Back to my lack of organisation though.

It means I haven't got post written and scheduled to automatically post.    So that means that you as a reader are going to have to do a bit of work to find some more to read.  Scroll down, click some links and have a good poke around.  There are plenty of archived post to have a read through.  If you are not already a follower then you should sign up now.  Pretty easy really, just a click here and there.  I am expecting to return to the blogging world in around ten days.  Hopefully with lots of wonderful stories to share.

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