Saturday, June 25

Things I know

Coming up with interesting things to write about is not always that easy.  In fact sometimes it is darn right difficult.  Lately I think it is fair to say I am struggling somewhat to think of topics to post about.  Well at least when I actually get in front of the computer I struggle.
food preparation
right in the middle of dinner prep is when
inspiration seems to hit the most
When I am washing the dishes, driving the car, hanging out the washing, cooking dinner or doing any number of other things that prevent me from actually being able to write I can think of endless posts but that is nothing new.  

What is new for me though is another great link up game that I just found and think I am going to join in.  It is called

and is hosted by the ever so awesome and very inspiring Shae who is the writer behind

Can I also just take the time to say that I love these cool little buttons she has out to share.  I wish I could work out how to make one

Any here is what I know

I know that children's laughter is one of my favourtie sounds
I know that I am over the moon about being on holidays for the next 4, yes that's right FOUR weeks I am on holidays
I know that for two of those four weeks will be a bit tough because DD1 will not be around
I know that I will both miss her like crazy and feel guilty for enjoying some time without her
I know that I want to be a writer, what I don't know is why I don't make more time to write
I know that I loathe and detest housework (but who doesn't) 
I know that I have spent enough time this morning avoid said housework and now I must go and get it out the way

and finally the last thing I know is that, while at times I might whinge and complain a bit, deep down I know how truly blessed I am.

Have a great day lovelies 
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  1. I know I love being called awesome and inspiring-thanks!

    Glad you came and joined in & hope you enjoy some time to yourself

  2. Hi just calling by from Digital Parents. Be sure to come by and say hi. Sarah


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