Monday, June 20

Point + Shoot: Valley of the V8's

With what is almost becoming a weekly ritual I am once again joining Lou over at Sunny + Scout I love the fact that I can say almost weekly ritual.  This is about the only thing I have been able to stick with of late.  

Mind you yesterday saw me spend quite a lot of time with the camera.  It was the final day of the Supercar racing that was in town.  Hubs had a flash ticket in a corporate tent which, however at the eleventh hour he was able to swing me a basic ticket into the ground so I could take the girls in.  While he say high above the track with free grog and gourmet food, we sat trackside and munched on homemade sandwiches and lollies.  A great day was had by all though.

In a weekend all about noise it was only natural to see this guy swing by for a bit

These made their fair share of noise as well

Why watch it live when there is a big screen around?

Oh and have you voted for me lately? And by lately I mean today.  It is just one click.  Means nothing to you and the world to me.  
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