Monday, June 27

Looking Ahead (and back at the same time)

While wasting the hours away over at my beloved Pack Rat I decided to try and pretend to be productive by scrolling through old blog post in a bid to make better use of the label system. Anyway before long I was drawn towards this post A Parenting Life: 2011 The Year of Trying written just over six months ago it is interesting to see what has changed or happened and what hasn't.

The whole meeting new people came to a holt however I have made a greater than previously effort to regularly see people and be a part of their lives and let them be a part of ours. This has so far, for the most part at least, been rather positive. There have of course been a few times when I have wondered why I thought human interaction was beneficial, but on the whole, I guess being involved with others is not as bad as I once believed.

As for the regular exercise I spoke of back then...well...I guess if we use the word regular loosely...After all every six weeks or so is regular isn't it? We did go for a family bike ride this afternoon so that is sorta like exercise.

On the whole I guess I could comfortably say that I have made a few small steps forward. Nothing to write home about yet but certainly enough to enable me to think that I am heading towards awesomeness is I could just put in a little more effort...

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  1. I just suspended my gym membership. I'm feeling lethargic already.

    I am also very wary of meeting new people, but I am so glad I went to the sydney bloggers meet up. I had a hangover for two days :)

  2. I had big plans this year to walk every morning. But... empty house & studio always beckon and I so rarely for a walk! :)

    Speaking of socialising, I now realise you didn't reply to my email!! LOL prob can't do anything until next week now (ultrasound tomorrow, play on Thurs, camping fri/sat/sun)... but pls reply so we can organise something before the holidays end! :)


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