Tuesday, May 10

This and that

Not really sure where to start or what to write. I guess I am just here to maintain momentum tonight.
I had an awesome but tiring day at the Territory Wildlife Park today. Thankfully the rain helped keep things lovely and cool.

That was the start of a post way back on November 29 last year.  It really was a wonderful day.  I think.  I mean looking back now I can't for the life of me think why I would have gone to the wildlife park then but apparently I did.  The girls should have been at school and I can't recall any visitors back then to warrant a day off...

Wait!!  Stop the press.  After much brow scrunching and deep thought I remember!  My wonderful sister had come to visit for a few days and we decided a day out was in order.  Bet you can all rest easy now you know that.

So why do I have the start of that blog post and not much else?  Regular readers will know that if a post is started I will keep it till I am able to find the right words to publish.  Last week I noticed that I was nearly at the 100 post mark.  Which I must say is just a little exciting.  Actually it is a more than a little exciting.  A little exciting was my 21st post in case you missed it.  Ironically the 21st post was only one day before the feeble attempt I started this post with.  The only problem is that at least 5 of the nearly 100 posts are not exactly published :(

Truth be told there were actually a few more than 5, not too many mind you, just a couple.  There was no way that I could possible recall what they were really about though, so I had no choice but to delete.

Here this is what I had to started on the 13/12/2010

Ok so on the whole I feel that I have made steps forward. I have seriously cut down on my time wasting (aka fb games). Today I managed...

One could only imagine what it was I actually achieved.  In fact feel free to offer suggestions or guess.  One thing that is clear however and that is I was not really getting a lot of writing done around this time.

So on the 20th of November a novel have not I. My attempt to be a NaNoWrimo 2010 is not going very well at all. In fact it is probably fair to say that it is officially non existent. I wonder why I ever thought I had what it took to be a writer. I am sure I can write and at times it is even readable and may possibly even stretch to being mildly entertaining at times. What I lack however is perserverance, dedication and....

Clearly I was lacking in dedication, I couldn't even finish a sentence.  In my defense I must remind myself that I do have three children to keep me occupied.  Perhaps all my perseverance and dedication is all used up with them?

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