Monday, July 29

#TheBlogfastClub - Morning

After a long yet not exactly restful sleep Teapot pleaded with me to rise with her at first light. Given I had convinced her to go to sleep not long after the sun had gone to bed the night before, I could not really object. However much I may have wished to.

Surrounded in all the beauty that the Australian bush has to offer I tried not to grumble about the fact my day had gotten off to such an early start. The little miss positive in me keeps trying to point out that it just means there is so much more of the day for me to enjoy.

The only sounds are that of the fire crackling underneath the billy that just boiled and the birds singing in the trees. Zany stirred as Teapot and I tried to clamber out of sleeping bags and then the tent. The two play together on a mat by the fire. The novelty of seeking warmth enjoyed by all.

Right now possibilities seem endless. One of the true joys of a new day dawning. All the hope and possibility with which it can bring.

With a pen in my hand, coffee by my side and blank paper patiently waiting to be filled. One would could be mistaken for thinking all is well in my neck of the woods. I am afterall basking in the glorious rays of the early morning sun as she gently rises ready to face the day.

Only my heart is filled with sadness as my eyes begin to well with tears.

As so often is the case when camping in shared grounds, Mr A began chatting with a fellow camper. Within seconds she has mentioned her husband passing, the trip of a life time that took a life time to plan and now doing it alone...

I had to walk away. Terrible I know, all that she must have been through and I couldn't overcome my sadness at her loss to listen to her tale. I had to walk away the moment I heard her mention the husband. We had seen her the day before, I knew there was no husband to speak of. I could feel the lump forming in my throat as the words left hers. I knew that tears would not be far away, I am sure it was the last thing she need to start her day with.

Letting out a deep sigh I look at the blankness still on the paper before me.

The morning did not go as planned. So rarely it does. Out here though I thought it would be different. With no computer, no internet, no plans, no commitment. No nothing except time, fresh air and freedom. 

Freedom from the restraints of life that I so often feel are holding me back. Till I remember that it onlt myself that is ever holding me back.

The early morning sun has now turned to mid morning. It is hard to believe how long it has taken me to write these few words. Hours I tell you, yet what else I have done there is no knowing.

The mid morning sun is slightly harsher than the one that starts the day. One that requires shade to be sought as a protection.

Thankfully a young wattle is growing nearby. It's branches and leaves providing a tranquil refuge as the sun's rays continue to beat on down throughout the day. Mr A and I muse over the possibility of it being the same seedling we saw on our first visit, years ago now.

We scratch our heads and try to recall exactly which campsite we occupied that time and what other tree it could be. There have been so many trips here since then it is sometimes hard to remember exactly what was when. 

The sun has now reached her peak in the sky. The midday sun shining strongly over all below. Her heat radiating down with all the strength it can muster. The sun may have reached her climax for the day but the heat will keep rising for a few more hours yet. Compared to other times of the year though there isn't exactly a lot of heat so to speak, more of a comforting warmth. Another day is well and truly under way.

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  1. Lovely post and a little bit sad. Mornings in the bush hold so much possibility, don't they?

    1. They really do don't they, it is like a morning in the bush is filled with extra hope and possibility isn't it?

  2. Oh that poor woman. How awful that they never got to do the trip together. Good on her though, for doing it anyway

  3. It's funny how we try to hide our emotional reactions from the people who provoke them for fear we will somehow make things worse for them. I wonder if it's true, or if in fact it would be a kind of release for them as well? But I know why you didn't cry in front of her, and I am sure I would be the same. But I just wonder..

  4. I read this post first thing this morning, but couldn't find words to describe how it made me feel. Even now, more than 12 hours later, I am still struggling to comment. Thank you for a beautiful, evocative post, I have a sudden yearning to escape to nature for a little while xx

  5. Oh I am so sad for that woman too :(

    I also love the line about the only thing holding you back is yourself. That's a truth we all forget often I think.


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