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Things I Know About Cricket

 While Australia is rugging up for winter England is enjoy all the sunshine and fun that comes from summer. And with summer comes cricket. Specifically The Ashes.

Growing up cricket was a much loved past time. And by that I mean watching cricket on the TV was a much loved past time. Actually watching Australia play anything they were good at was a much loved past time.

When I was about fourteen, the then Australian cricket team came to town. It was beyond exciting because I live a million miles from anywhere and back then no one interesting ever came to town. In fact it was such an exciting time that mum actually gave me the day off school so I could go and watch them play.

Walking around the grounds that day was one of the coolest times in my life. I was beyond uber cool (only in my own lunch box of course). Even now I can vividly recall what I was wearing. A pair of dog  tooth print shorts and a long sleeve button up shirt that was tied in a knot above my belly button and had the sleeves rolled up in case you were wondering

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Yeah shorts like this. God love the 90's
During the early nineties Australian cricket was booming with talent. The likes of Shane Warne were just starting to shine through while long time stalwarts like Dean Jones continued to do their country proud. Even if it was short lived with Jones being dropped from the test side shortly after this tour.

For this wide eyed and easily star struck girl seeing these big names was more than a highlight. As a cricket loving child in the eighties Deano was one of my most favourite cricketers ever. With his birthday just a day after mine I was certain that meant some kind of special connection between us. Even just thinking about it now I can feel my heart start to pound like it did as I stood there waiting outside the players change room to in the hope of an autograph.

As it turned out I didn't have to go looking for some of the stars as they just happened to find me in the crowd. One particular player, who may have gone on later in life to face some texting dramas, took it upon himself to help me eat my ice cream. While a much older and more established player informed me of what a heart breaker I would grow up to be. Followed by the somewhat suggestive comment of how he wished I were a few years older. You and me both mister.

Oh my beating heart be still!

It is no wonder then that from there a lot of my cricket infatuation was based on how attractive I thought the player to be. Oh me oh my though there sure were some hotties over the years.

By the time I reached my early twenties my interest had dwindled somewhat. Having said that though I would still excitedly watch a live game whenever it came to town. By now the likes of Brett Lee were taking the field and the Waugh brothers dominated and led the team to many a victory.

Somewhere along the line Ricky Ponting was given the reigns and what ever interest I had in the game all but disappeared. The team was filled with too many names I no longer recognised and not enough faces that appealed to my sexual desires. The fact we could no longer convincingly win didn't help the matter either. Suddenly my cricket watching days were over

Or at least they were.

Wednesday night saw the first day of the first Ashes test begin. Australia demolished the English batting line up. There was hope and excitement. Which of course was quickly dashed by James Anderson. A British bowling powerhouse that has me got me all a gaga. Till I remember he plays for the wrong team.

I may no longer know any of the players but there is something about this series that has reignited my love of the game. The likes of Anderson and debutante Ashton Agar may or may not have everything to do with it. Either I am excited and can't wait to see Australia return The Urn to where it rightfully belongs.

I know there are so many more things I want to share about cricket. Like stats and records. 
I know this post has probably gone on for long enough
I know that writing about cricket on a mummy blog is a little bit risky, there are lots of mums that aren't that interested.
I know that I just love it so much that I am sure a few other mums must as well. 
I know that you should share something you know here

And the last thing I know this week is that you should totally sit up all night watching the cricket with me

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  1. I'm a big cricket fan but I have been really disappointed in recent years at our playing ability which has certainly not been up to the standard I had come to expect of Aussie cricket. Here's to a change on our cricketing fortunes !!!
    I'll be there tweeting with you late into the night - although probably not for the whole of the night - just until maybe lunch time or just after !!!
    Have the best day !
    PS - do you know if MC is having Things I Know this week - can't find a post from her ?

    1. I know it has been a big week at her house so she is probably just running late. I am sure it will be up a bit later. Since it is the weekend I am hoping that I will be able to stay up past lunch tonight. Especially if I can squeeze a sleep in this afternoon

  2. LOL love this Rhi and love my cricket too! In fact, I was positive that Mark Waugh and I were destined to be .... alas, no. A friend and I at high school were obsessed with cricket and went along for a training session with a women's team. All good until I face a 6"2 woman pounding a bouncer down at me in the nets!!! Only a spectator since! Must say I'm not keen on the 20-20 format but can see how it entertains the crowds x

  3. NOT RISKY! I love cricket too! My friend went to England on the Ashes tour in the early noughties and then to Antigua and the team physio got sick and the replacement couldn't get there for two days so SHE TOOK OVER!!!! SO JEALOUS!!

  4. I cannot stand test cricket but I love your story!! I don't mind the big bash as it can be entertaining but I just cannot do test cricket!!

  5. You are going to hate me... I don't like cricket lol

    I know, apparently I should, but I don't. I just can't get into it. I used to try to watch the one dayers, but it just didn't do it for me.

    Maybe now I'm older I should try to watch it again - especially since I have TV again HURRAY! And it's probably be the only thing on in a few months!

    Thanks for linking up sweet :)

    MC x

  6. Oh em gee - DEANO! There's a name I haven't heard for years! I always had a massive crush on Geoff Marsh (always did like the quiet, dependable type) and even met him at the WACA once, sadly the one photo I took of me and Swampy on that glorious day features me in a hideous fuchsia pinafore dress and a godawful 80s perm, so is unlikely to ever see the light of day!

  7. I love this Rhi - sadly my interest in cricket has dwindled over the years (something to do with my husband absolutely hating the could he!) But Deano - I had a thing for Dean Jones too, he was my favourite 80's Aussie cricketer back in the day...ahh, the memories...

  8. Umm I used to play cricket, YEP, I was a silly mid on or off - and also a bowler!! Crazy right? I could also smack a 4 or 6 if needed, in fact I was the opening batter - I love cricket, haven't got in to probably though since having kids - not even on TV xx


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