Friday, July 5

Things I know about reality, holding on to it and having it slap you in the face

You would think that by now I would be organised enough to not be sitting here typing away first thing in the morning, but alas that is not the case. Yet again the parameters of time management exceed me and I am faced with doing something well after it should be done.

Not that there really are any hard and fast rules or regulations or whatever as to when I should and shouldn't blog, but since I pretty much know that every Friday I am going to share something I know, you would think I could have it sorted before Friday morning wouldn't you? But no, the reality is that rarely happens. And boy has this been a week for reality coming up and bitch slapping me across the face.
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It all started with an innocent little tweet.

Ah yes why of course I would +ProskinsLtd Australia I would very much like to join your #BloggersChallenge how very nice of you to ask.

For those of you unaware, Proskins are supposed to be super cool running pants that help get rid of or at least help get rid of cellulite. They are also incredibly expensive and not something my budget could ever stretch to. You can imagine my excitement. My feeling of validation and recognition.

Now imagine all of that coming crashing down when I am then sent a link with a form to fill out to determine whether or not my social reach is actually far enough to warrant me inclusion in what I am quickly discovering is a somewhat elitist challenge.

Needless to say within minutes of the form being returned I received a reply saying
Thanks but no thanks. You are in fact not nearly cool enough to be part of this exclusive challenge. We will however offer you the chance to purchase some merchandise with a 50% discount code and then be able to be a part of the challenge and blog 5 times a month about how great your now cellulite free thighs are.
To which I wanted to say a great big F you. But I didn't because I am all polite and stuff but man the thoughts I had... Let's just leave it with a thank you reality for the slap across the face. It was at least the third time this week it happened.

The first was when I received and email from Helium, one of the first places I started writing at all the way back in 2007. It was informing me that an article I wrote on calming babies was being deleted. Despite being ranked highly on the topic it was deemed as no longer suitable because I used first person references in it.

Whatever! I thought to myself. I don't actively write there any more what does it matter? When I couldn't find anything to write for IBOT I saw the deleted article as an easy way out. Sure some news site might no longer want first person based articles but it's my blog and I'll blog what I want.

Till I read it.

Let's just say it needed far more editing than I had time or inclination to give it right then and there. It will sit in the draft folder till then. I was beyond horrified to think that it had been up as long as what it was. No wonder that publisher has given me a call yet offering that book deal.

Reality was alive and well now and I was less than loving it I can tell you. Which was lucky because when I received another email from Helium telling me another article had been edited by someone else due to it's poor punctuation and whatever else I was nearly able to take it in my stride. Or rather I shrugged my shoulders and went of course it has been.


So of course it came as no surprise to hear I was not fortunate enough to be awarded a prize in a small competition that I thought no one else had entered.

Double Sigh.

I know that the reality is I didn't deserve to win that competition. I am sure those who did spent much longer on their post, had much great readership and therefore a much great reach and more effect on the campaign than what I did.

Just like I know that Proskins were justified in there lack of reach comments. Well kinda. While I may not reach the masses I like to think I do connect on a higher lever with those I do reach and that should count for something shouldn't it?

I know I don't understand why they couldn't see before tweeting me I came no where near their desired reach levels.

I know that Proskins have still benefited from their terrible marketing ploy that left my feelings slightly shredded because look how much free publicity they just gained. Or not since I have no influence according to them.

I know that I am not really complaining about any of this treatment. Just needed to get it off my chest more than anything.

I know that all good things come to those who wait and wait I will.

What do you know this week?

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  1. That sucks BIG time !!! I was so excited for you when I read the tweet about joining their Bloggers Challenge - and then to see them just pull it because - according to them - you don't have a far enough reach - well that just sucks. If I ever get back running again and want to buy some skins, they won't be Proskins that is for sure - not if that is how they treat bloggers / free advertising !!
    Head up - things will get better. Have the best day that you can !
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  2. Okay I laughed. Yep I totally did. Terrible friend I am.

    But you made me do it!

    The P people have no idea what they gave up. It's not just about numbers in the blogging world, it's about the respect and trust the blogger behind the blog has within the blogging + readership community.

    That my girl you have enormous amounts of.

    Chin up chicky. You completely rock and they're fools for not knowing that already!

    MC x

  3. Well, you know that old saying - If you can't beat 'em, then screw 'em! Or something like that. Seriously, don't let it trouble you for one second. You've got bigger and better things ahead than stupid old Proskins anyway! You rock and if they can't recognise that, it's their loss :)

  4. Proskins clearly have no ethics and stupidly don't realise the power of blogging. None of us I should imagine would buy their products. What a bunch of W.....s xxx

  5. Love that you wrote this post.
    I'll keep my cellulite along with my ethics thanks proskins

  6. What a terrible way to treat anyone - obviously Proskins do not have a proper blogging strategy at all. We all know your true worth, my friend, keep on keeping on, because you are one of my favourite bloggers by far!

  7. I hear your pain. I would love to be invited to write/blog for a few places but I dare not even approach them because I know I'll be knocked back for my lack of readers... even though I know my (dearly beloved) 102 fb followers are deeply and reverently moved by my every post.

    It's not quantity, it's quality, damn you!


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