Monday, July 15

I've run away.

Though not joined the circus (as much as I may secretly wish to some days). Mind you I there is a cicus currently in town that leaves on the weekend so I guess technically there is still time for me to run away with it. Not that I think they would really have me but that is possibly a whole different post.

All that I am running away from is posting here for a week or so. Or rather I am running away from the internet and all that it holds. It is one of those lead by example moments that many parents endure I am sure.

With the last week of the school holidays suddenly upon me and a desire to fit way more than is probably possible into the days that I have, I need to make as much time as possible.

Cue separation from one of my time's most draining activities. Blogging.


Though it is not the end of the world. Nor is it forever. I am sure we will both return refreshed and recharged

In the meantime there are plenty of popular posts to be found in the side bar.

Because I apparently had nothing else to do I went trawling through my archives and found these little beauties. Thoughtful aren't I?

There's losing and then there's losing - How my daughter dealt with her basketball team being whipped from one end of the court to the other

Snapping out of it - Great for if you are feeling sorry for yourself. I was and this was how I delt with it.

What makes a blogging superstar? - Do you know? Are you one?

The most unique capital city ever - A bit about what makes where I live so special. And it is not just becuase I live here either

Thirty Awesome Things About Me - No more need be said really

Take care, be good, and I will see you all again super soon.
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  1. Thanks for the heads up on those blog posts - I will hop over and have a read soon.
    Enjoy the break - I think it does us all good at some point to just get away from the constant pull of SM - I am sure you'll be back refreshed and ready to go in a week !
    Have the best time !

  2. Have a great time Rhianna. "See" you when you get back xx

  3. Hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy your break, and thank you for leaving some posts to enjoy while you're away! :)

  4. Enjoy some time away in the real world - I know I relished some time away last week. Take care and we'll all be here for you when you get back. In the meantime, I look forward to catching up with some of your past posts - be good to yourself Rhi!


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