Monday, July 22

The last day of holidays

It doesn't seem four weeks since school broke up for the mid semester break. Apparently it is. Tomorrow the chaos of the school term returns. 

There is no sigh deep enough to help me pass the relcutance with which I face tomorrow. There are no words to descibe the dread with which the dawning of tomorrow brings.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am struggle with the other reality of returning from time away. We may only been gone for a few days but it felt like much longer. Much, much, much longer in fact. The remotness and tranquility of where we were made it easy to forget about the reality of normal life. It felt like we were totally removed from civilasation and all of it's woes. 

Needless to say the return to suburbia has been brutal. Amplified only by the fact that tomorrow school returns.

There is a part of me that is deeply concerned about my desire to be removed from the normal way of life. But then I think who wouldn't want to run away from bills and housework and all the drudgery that fills a lonely housewife day? 

What would you rather, being confined to the monotony of day to day life where Mount Washmore and Mount Foldme compete with the leaning tower of dishes to see who can climb to the highest height or the vastness of the bush where dishes, clothes and commercialisation of life almost cease to exisit?

For me it is easy pickings.

I want to be surrounded by nothingness and empty spaces.
I want to be free from clutter and the unnecessary.
I want to breathe in gum leaves and fresh air.
I want my alarm clock to be choirs of birds greeting the morning sun.
I want to be free from commitments and responsibilities.
I want to blow about in the wind and land where ever that may take me.
I want not to be sad about school holidays ending because life is one big holiday full of life long learning
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  1. Aww, I know exactly how you feel, today is the last day of our school holidays too. We didn't go anywhere special, but I love just hanging out at home with the kids, doing whatever we feel like doing. I'm glad you enjoyed your break! :)

  2. School holidays, have loved less traffic on the roads. Dreading tomorrow when everything's back to normal. xxx


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