Tuesday, July 9

The Water's Edge

By the time Sally reached the end of the designated path her pounding head had all but gone. The gentle breeze that greeted her as she got to the water's edge whisked the debris left from booze the night before. At least for the moment it did.

Standing there, on the edge of the bank, Sally took a deep breath in. Inhaling all goodness of the fresh air that surrounded her. A few more breathes and her lungs felt invigorated. She could almost feel the extra oxygen flowing through her.

Being there, alone and surrounded by nothing tranquil beauty was exactly what Sally needed. It was the perfect escape from the reality she wanted to ignore. At that moment, in amongst those trees, next to flowing water, her worries were gone and nothing seemed to matter. Sally felt at one with the world and more importantly herself.

Surveying the beauty before her Sally decided to head down stream a little before getting in the water. Sally wanted to make sure that she was away from any possible crowds and decided that was less likely to be the way chosen by others. There appeared to be more rocks in the water and fewer places on the bank to sit.

As much as she longed for the cool refreshment it would bring her she worried that it wouldn't be long before her solitude was destroyed. Given it was such a hot day she was certain she wouldn't be the only local to pop on down to the waterhole to cool down. She just happened to be the only one up and about so early.

As she went along the water's edge Sally kept an eye out for a tree large enough to provide shade for most of the day. Or at least for a few good hours before Sally needed to move. While a hike may have been appealing when she first set off, Sally was now more interested in finding somewhere to set up camp and enjoy relaxing in surroundings.

The effects of last night's drinking session felt as if they were starting to return. Sally could feel the perspiration suddenly start dripping off. The pounding in her head, which she thought had gone, felt as if it was getting ready to come back with vengeance, while the pit of her stomach was indicating a desire to exit.

Deciding that she had had enough Sally settled for the nearest shade possible. Which thankfully was found under a rather large old tree. As Sally lowered herself to the ground it felt more like she was collapsing. All energy mustered by her body for the day felt that it had none been depleted, leaving Sally to wonder how she would ever manage to make it home.

Opening her back pack Sally removed a water bottle and quickly guzzled the cold liquid within. Once again feeling it give life into her weary and dehydrated veins. Spreading her towel out on the ground Sally removed her clothes and headed towards the water. Her body tingling with anticipation of being submerged within the cool fresh water.


  1. Beautiful imagery. Will have to go and read the previous parts!!!!!

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  2. Oh I'm glad you've picked up Sally again. What has led her to this place though?

  3. Interesting so far - I"m looking forward to more..


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