Monday, July 1

I must confess my height of excitement

My Home TruthsYes, yes two posts in one day I know, but when I saw today's prompt I just couldn't resist. Plus since next week I am going to be the confession hostess with the mostest it would be wrong of me not to have a little something this week wouldn't it?
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What's that you hadn't heard the news??

Well next week Kirsty is running away for a bit and spending some quality quiet family time in the middle of no where. Well maybe not quite the middle of no where because apparently there is a jumping pillow and indoor heated pool but there is no high quality fast as you can be internet connection. Which in my book pretty much equates to being in the middle of no where.

As such Kirsty needs a caretaker for confessions for the week and I am your gal!

When I got the email asking if I (along with a few other uber cool bloggers) were interested in hosting I was beside myself with and quickly responded in the hope I had pipped the others at the post. Turns out my speed was rewarded and before I knew it a response to my reply was swiftly in my inbox confirming that I would be the stand in host for next week.

Talk about exciting!

Mind you the excitement doesn't stop yet.

You see as part of being the stand in hostess with the mostest I get to select the confession topic for next. Which I didn't even need to think about because earlier in the day I had a revelation that I hadn't got around to sharing.

While enjoying a few quiet moments in a part of the house usually reserved for male thinking (ie the toilet) I found myself thinking I wonder if Kirsty needs a suggestion for a prompt, we could confess to our favourite blogs, I must message her and suggest it... because you know, what else is there to think about when going to the loo?

It was almost like I knew what was coming. Almost, but not quite.

So there you have my excitement for the week, though not the most exciting time ever. No. My most exciting time ever was when...

(pausing for dramatic effect, feel free to insert a drum roll as well)

.. click here to find out. I promise it is not child or wedding related and is actually a little exciting. Well it was for me at the time or whenever I think about it for that matter.

Don't forget, confession time here next week! Link up from 5am CST and confess to all your favourite blogs to read. Or whatever takes your fancy if you have some other juicy tidbit you want to confess to that is fine as well. It is the land of the easy to please here.

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  1. I'll try to link up next week but Monday isn't always a good day for me unless I can get uber-organised on Sunday !!!
    Wow - that definitely would be the height of excitement - not something I would do but I certainly admire anyone else who does !!!
    Have the best day !
    PS - great topic for next week - we could all come across a heap of fantastic bloggers we have never heard of before !

  2. I am in total awe! I'm really not sure I could ever be brave enough to do a sky-dive, although it does look like it would be absolutely exhilarating. Great idea for a confession topic, I will now just have to narrow it down to my favourite fifty or sixty blogs ;)

  3. I have skydived too-that is an amazing experience-big congrats to you on such a brave thing to do. I will be here next week so I can find new blogs to become addicted to x

  4. Great topic for next week! Awesome way to share the blogging love too!

  5. Thank you so much for taking over the reins for me next week - I really do appreciate it! I'm going to try to link up before I head off into the land of no internet - I hope you have a whole heap of fun with it Rhi!

  6. Looking forward to linking up with you next week. I do some of my best thinking on the loo!! there's an embarrassing confession :)


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