Tuesday, November 20

I must confess to being really really ridiculously over the top when it comes to linking up posts

It's late and I am tired. And there are so many posts just waiting to be written. But quite frankly what is new there?

Not much really other than late now arrives shortly before 10pm. I remember, only just mind you, a time when 10pm was still early. In fact there were even a time when it was considered too early. Oh to be young and foolish again hey?

Or not.

Mr Awesome had his work Christmas party on Saturday. It was an afternoon of bowling followed by drinks and dinner at one my favourite restaurants. With the children bundled off for nearly a whole twenty four hours, I was rather excited to say the least. To add to the excitement of it all Mr Awesome and I decided to get our super hero on.

I must confess that I felt incredibly good looking. In fact I would even go so far as to say that I was really really ridiculously good looking.

I walked around strutting my stuff like I was Bat Girl herself and perhaps even a whole lot more. It felt good. Though I don't think I really would like that much attention all the time.

Since Bat Girl likes things short, particularly her dress, I had my super hero undies on so that all modesty could be retained while bowling. For future reference for any one on the hunt for some great little hot pants, the mens underwear department is the place to go.

I must also confess that I have only in the last few days worked out that the camera on my phone has a timer. Selfies just got a whole lot easier. Though I do need to find a much better location, either that or move the dog's bed before I start. Live and learn though.

Back to the party though. I must confess that come Sunday morning when I had to return to the realms of mothering, I was oh so thankful that Mr Awesome called home time when he did. Despite my childish protests. Being young and foolish is not all it is cracked up to be after all. Thankfully though Bat Girl pulled up much better than Bananaman.

And finally, I must confess that I do feel just a little cheeky (not that it will stop me mind you) as this post will link up with

Kirsty over at My Home Truths
Because, well it is full of confessions

as well as Lauren over at The Surprise Beginning
The Surprise Beginning
Because clearly as Bat Girl I am really, really ridiculously good looking. 

How could someone wearing these little beauties not be?

And last, but certainly not least, it is Tuesday and I have blogged so that can only mean one thing...

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