Monday, December 3

Quick and Easy Button Bracelets

As Christmas fast approaches I tend to avoid the shops like the plague. I love that Christmas is a time for giving gifts but where ever possible I like to give gifts that have a more personal and homemade touch than what can just be found at the shops.

For years my homemade and personal touch was a photo in a decorated frame. Some years I tried to scrapbook a page to put in a decorated frame. It wasn't long before people seemed to tire of it though and I had to look for new ideas. Which have ranged from cushion covers and coasters to plants and handmade pottery. Some of which have worked, others not so much.

One of the things I am loving this year, especially for the girls to gift to their friends at school is these button bracelets. I first saw these months ago and while I thought I had bookmarked the page, I hadn't. So using only my limited memory I got out some buttons and thick elastic and gave it a go.

The results spoke for themselves and before I knew it I had button bracelets for everyone. The first few that I made used big buttons and literally took all of fifteen minutes to make. Though with hindsight I should have spent a bit more time really securing the buttons on as the girls did manage to loosen the odd one here and there.

The next batch were a bit more adventurous and a lot more time consuming. Since they were actually going to be presents for some newly turned seven year olds though I thought it worth the extra effort

With these ones I used all sorts of different sized purple buttons. I secured them to the elastic with some rather lovely (and very strong) metallic thread that I purchased a few years ago when I tried to use it to crochet necklaces. Total failure that was. In terms of holding these buttons in place though, perfect. Mind you any old thread would do the trick as well.

So here is what you need to do.

  • Grab some 20mm braided elastic and a heap of buttons. Well 10-40 depending on size of buttons and length of elastic.
  • Measure the elastic to go around the wrist of the recipient. Mind you I guessed for the girls and went with about 15cm which gave me about 1.5cm over hang at the ends.
  • With your needle and thread secure the two ends to form a ring.
  • Begin sewing buttons on to elastic, ensuring they are secured tightly. I sewed mine very, very close together, with one button actually being under the other. Which created a nice layered effect.
  • Keep adding buttons till you are back at the start and the elastic can no longer be seen.
Easy as huh?

Not only do these make great gifts, but they are a lovely activity to do with the kids during the holidays as well.

Only don't be like me and forget to bookmark this awesome page.

Make sure you

Button bracelet tutorial

Oh and just in case you are after some more great quick and easy ideas check back tomorrow for some gorgeous material flowers that go great guns as headbands!


  1. They are so cute!! What a great idea!

  2. They look great Rhianna, I would even consider wearing one! I was thinking they would look good too made as headbands. Sharing on Pinterest, coz not only should I keep the how to, I think others need to see it too :)

  3. These are an awesome idea and could be fairly easy for a crafting challenged person!!

  4. Too cute Rhianna! And a great activity for kids too. I'm pinning this one ;-)

    Cass x


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