Tuesday, April 17

The Height Of Excitement

That was what I reached on Saturday.  And then some.
Words can not actually begin to explain just how excited I was.

You may recall that a few weeks ago I had a birthday.  I didn't actually say that much about it at the time but I received the BEST present ever.  Well technically I received a voucher for the BEST present ever, which is why I never went on about it too much at the time.  I knew that the time to go on about it was when the voucher had been redeemed.

Saturday was that day.

On Saturday I jumped out of a perfectly good air plane.

It was 12, 000 ft up in the air.
It took a tiny little plane twenty minutes to get that high.
There were five people crammed into.  It was very squishy.  I have no photos of this squishy plane or the people (all men but me) crammed into it because when jumping out of a plane accessories are limited, apparently my camera or any other photo taking device exceed that limit.

I wasn't overly fussed because the lovely man I was attached to as I jumped out the plane also had a video camera attached to him so he could make me a groovy little DVD to remember the occasion by.  While I may have watched said DVD at least ten times already, I am yet to put it on the computer to share here.  Though it is on the to do list.

Back to jumping out of planes though.

I can't remember how long we free falled for but it was a bit.  It was fast and noisy.  The sensation of the wind on my skin was unlike anything I have ever felt.  I have no photos of it as we were to high for the camera to pick up.

I then spent around 45 seconds...

...Just floating around

It. Was. Amazing.

Truly amazing.

I loved each and every second of it.  I would do it again in an instant.  It was the biggest rush I have ever felt.  Just pure adrenaline.  I still haven't stopped smiling from it all.

Totally the BEST thing ever.  EVER.
I am woman hear me roar
I also now have a new profile photo to put up around the place.

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