Friday, July 20

On friends and coffee

So there is this girl right.

Well actually she is a woman, cos she is like a grown up.  Actually she is not just like a grown up she is a grown up.

You know married with kids and all that.  That's what being a grown up is all about isn't?

Anyway as a grown up she often felt very lonely.  It was a funny kind of lonely though.  One that was hard to explain.  It was almost like she felt like she didn't have any friends.  Only she knew that she was very blessed to have some incredibly wonderful people in her life.  A tricky situation to be in to say the least.

The thing was she wanted more.  She couldn't help but feel that there was still room for at least one more in her inner circle.  Someone who would be there in many years to come having sailed the journey of life not necessarily in the same boat but certainly a similar one and most definitely at times on the same waters.

Adding to her frustration on the matter was the fact that she even had a particular person in mind.  A like minded soul, yet full of enough differences to create an exciting and learning experience for both parties.  In so many ways she was certain that they had been drawn together for this very reason but something seemed to be holding them back.

Something seemed to be preventing the relationship from blossoming and reaching it's full potential.  Yet she couldn't quite put her finger on it.  Nor could she work out how to get around it.  Why would the universe put her so close to someone yet leave such a big distance as well?

Throughout her whole life people seemed to just drift in and out of her life.  It was like she was just one of those 'season' friends sent only for a reason and once that reason was done with all parties moved on.  Normally it didn't bother her.  She had adjusted quite easily really.  It meant that she never had to get too close to anyone which in many ways she loved.  After all maintaining friendships is sometimes easier said than done.

It was only in recent years that had started to feel the need for more permanency amongst her circle of friends.  Sure thanks to the likes of Facebook she was able to stay in touch with her high school besties but as for seeing them in person?  Another story altogether.

They had all gone on to lead exciting lives, lived many many miles away.  Not exactly conducive to coffee catch ups.  That's what grown up friends were supposed to do wasn't it?

Catch up for coffee.  Or a glass of wine here and there.

She wouldn't really know, she had never had one of those friends before.

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